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Tuesday, 8 June 2010

What time is it?

It's summer time! (i hate high school musical). Summer can be broken down into many things. The main ones being:

  • Party
  • Sleep
  • More partying
  • More sleep
  • Even more sleep
  • Going out
  • Even more partying
  • All the above
Great summer eh?
Summer is also an uncertainty when it comes to blogging though. It's either i'll blog very well, or forget Between the lines even exists... The probabilities are on the latter... But hey, probabilities said Holland wouldn't exist, and guess what? It still does. But I think i'll be blogging a fair amount this summer, balancing it out with PARTY and a few other things. 

Till next time Kuwait


  1. exactly what my summer will be like
    except more partying ;)
    haha x

  2. oh yes, knowing you, i believe that :P

  3. hahaha what's that supposed to mean?? ;P