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Sunday, 31 January 2010

Help, anyone?

Now for today's main post.

I've been thinking about this for a while, and I still haven't decided on what to pick. The big problem is that with all my friends, i'm pretty immature (and i mean really immature). Aren't we all? But then, around teachers and other older people, I'm as mature as i'll ever be (im pretty sure about that). They all respect that i'm a mature teenager, but then when im with my friends, and they see me, they'll think otherwise. So now they probably think im immature, but only act mature around them. The problem is, i can't decide which one to stick to. When im mature, all the staff and teachers give me alot of responsibilites, which they couldnt give other students because they think they're still immature (i sound so special, dont i? haha). I enjoy this responsibilites, but then again, i enjoy being immature with my friends, and doing what a teenager should be doing (*cough*). So if i stick to being immature, ill have fun with my friends, but lose responsibility with the older people, and if i'm mature, ill gain responsibilities, but lose all the fun with my friends. I think you're getting the point.

Help, anyone?

Lovely day, such a lovely day...

Seemed like a crap day to begin with, but oh well, c'est la vie. Woke up late for school, and had to rush everything so i'd get there on time. Got there, had to do something important then inform someone about it (which i completely forgot to do). He spends all day trying to find me, i dont answer my phone (because im in school - ha) and i cant feel it vibrate, so i had no idea he was THAT worried untill i looked at my phone at 2:40PM to find 5 missed calls and 2 messages. Nevertheless, the day goes well, im happy, walking around smiling at everyone, jolly good. Untill Chemistry results came out. Lets just say, Ooops. but STILL no worries, continued the day smiling. Thats all good, untill English. I like our teacher (who will remain anonymous), shes really nice, but sometimes, she just decides to pick on me (quite badly). I had my laptop open (so did a few others) and i was (for once) about to look up a word i didnt know, when she looks at me, shouts, and tells me and the others to 'get off MSN and turn off our laptops'. This pretty much pissed me off because for once i was actually about to work, but oh well, blah.

Saturday, 30 January 2010

Hello there

I've always wanted to start a blog, but i was always too lazy. But inspired by other bloggers all over K-Town, i decided to go for it. The sole purpose of this blog is just to express my thoughts. my thoughts about anything, Cars, Music, Life, whatever's on my mind. I'll try and post here atleast once a day, but i'm pretty lazy, so wish me luck!

Peace out K-town