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Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Mean Cruising II : The style

A followup to my last post, on Mean cruising music. Mean cruising cannot be done without:
1) Appropriate Car/Swagga
2) Appropriate Sound System.
3) Appropriate Music.

Music was covered in the last post, as for Sound system, you'll manage:P. Only uncovered point is the Car part. When people are cruising, Everyone in the car must be comfortable, and feel like a boss, sitting in whatever seat they're in. If its a 4 door car, its preffered to have only 3 or 4 passengers. 3 means the driver, the passenger, and the boss sitting in the back. I prefer the back seat, being driven around, staring out the window, with your hand on your chin, like a 1970's dictator. 'Tis pimpin. SUV's are the best and most common vehicles for Mean Cruising, prefferably with tinted rear windows, adds to the image. Top vehicles for Mean cruising are as follows:

1) Chevy Tahoe / Cadillac Escalade (Tie) - In Black, with blacked out windows, blacked out rims, just like the one on my last post:

2) Rolls Royce Phantom/Drophead Coupe:
3) Pre-1985 Honda CRX (Very effective with +4 guys cramped up in it, with music banging, and smoke coming out the windows):
4) Pre-1965 Old school Chevy Impala/Cadillac Eldorado (More effective with Hyrdraulics, gold 100 spoke rims, and some girls in the back):
 5) 2010 Maybach Zeppelin - (Most effective on this list, with tinted windows, shades, fresh suit, etc... - perfect image)

I personally prefer number 1 and 5, the PERFECT cars for me, and more importantly,cruising.

Sunday, 28 March 2010

Mean Cruising

Cruising is one of my favourite hobbies*. The music, The car, The image, Its the bomb. I dont like 'flashy cruising' as its sometimes called. Its the act of getting massive chrome rims, and other fake chromed parts for your car (window frames, grills, etc..). Thats not my style, i prefer 'mean cruising'. Basically, its when you have a car like this:
 The idea is, have everything looking mean. Black grille, black tints, black rims, black colour, black everything. If i saw a car like that pull up outside my house, I'd be afraid. VERY afraid. The next ingredient is the music. You can't cruise in a car like that, listenin to Ke$ha or something, you'd get shot. I've taken the liberty to make a list of my favourite Mean cruisin' tunes. Songs in bold are ones guaranteed to make people freak out when they see you (And as F.J.Bliss requested, alongside each song, ill post the youtube link).

Mean songs are songs which you cruise to, with a 'don't make me get out this car and shoot you' face, songs intended on scaring people.

Gangsta songs are songs where you just play your music, windows down, rap along, and just having a bomb ass time bouncin' to tha beat.

1. Red Nose - Tech N9ne [link]
2. Go Getta (Remix) - Young Jeezy Ft. R-Kelly, Jadakiss & Bun B [link]
3. War Tune - A-ZIZ/33/Y.T. [link]
4. Can't Be Touched - Roy Jones Jr. [link]
[WARNING: if you're pissed off, this song will only wanna make you get outta your car and murder someone, it's a provocative song. You've been warned]
5. Demons - Tech N9ne [link] (or this rather interesting demonstration by SMD )
6. Playa - Snoop Dogg [link]
7. Party Up In Here - DMX [link] (It's hilarious watching 10 guys in a Tahoe bouncing to this song:P)
8. Get Back - Ludacris [link]
9. Street Money - Rick Ross Ft. Flo Rida [link] (In my opinion, the ultimate non-scary cruising song)
10. Mafia Music - Rick Ross [link]
11. M.O.B. - Birdman Ft. Lil Wayne [link] (Slowest, but very effective)

NB: These songs will not sound any good on crappy car speakers, Bass/Subwoofers is an essential for the full Cruising experince. Advice on cars appropriate for crusing will come in tomorrow's post.

*Once i get a licsence

The 'Gathering'

Alright. Start off, got there, linen shirt and jacket, lookin flyy. Everyone lookin flyy, girls all dressed up, you get the point. People start arriving, theres no dancing yet, just a random outburst of laughing everynow and then. Pretty normal gathering. so far. Flashing lights, decent music (by decent i mean alrightish music, not proper party music). Then someone arrives with all the water. Some of us were really 'thirsty', so we drank away, to quench our thirst:P We dance dance, the Roman couple go to the bathroom to freshen up *cough cough*. and then the small d***ed asian guy starts smooching with some slut *cough* and like feeling up on her butt, and the whole lot. So in a fashionable bro-like manner, i walked over when he was too busy making out to look, and pulled his pants to the floor, and almost started singing 'pants on the ground'. Thats pretty much the major event during the night, so yeah, a bit of a fail party, but not too bad.

Saturday, 27 March 2010


Got home a few hourse ago from a party (sort of), surprisingly sober, chilled for a bit, and going to bed now. I'll post about the party tomorrow (if im free)

Peace out K- Town

Thursday, 25 March 2010

Jogging playlist - 03/10

Once you really get into this amazing sport, you'll realize that music is a BIG part of your run. For example, you've started your run, and you go for about 700m, and the tell yourself 'its no big deal if i stop, i know i can do 1200m, but i dont need to tire myself this time, i can do it when i want to!'. You say that one night, then the next night, then the next few days, then the next few weeks, not to mention you stop at shorter distances each time, untill you realize you cant run for 600m without having to stop. Not good. Music is the best motivator, for the remaining 400m or so, it really does get you pumping (even though your legs are cramping, you've got lactic acid build up and youre out of breath). My routines pretty simple (and short, im not that good yet):

10mins/980m = Warm up, quick walking - _'..
6-7mins/1220m = Jog, keep steady pace, frequently sprinting for a few seconds - _'..
7-8mins/depends = walk around for a bit, and walk to my sprint point, and prepare
>15secs/120m= Sprint, give it the beans for as along as possible - _'..
As long as i feeel like it/depends = walk home, relaxing.

1. It's Time For War - LL Cool J (Used to jog to this, but then switched to track 4) 
2. Remember The Name - Fort Minor
3. No One - Alicia Keys
4. Man On The Run - Dash Berlin Ft. Cerf, Mitiska & Jaren
5. Hallelujah - Alexanda Burke
6. The Time Of Our Lives - Il Divo Ft. Toni Braxton
7. Heart Of a Champion - Nelly

1. Take A Look Around - Limp Bizkit (Mission Impossible Song)
2. Go Hard - DJ Khaled Ft. Kanye West & T-Pain
3. What Have You Done (Original Version) - Within Temptation
4. Through The Fire And Flames - DragonForce

Wednesday, 17 March 2010

Back to Business

To start off, i may have underestimated our weekend in oman. I just imagined a small campsite, with a few pretty mountains in the distance, and a flat track with a SLIGHT gradient, and beautiful trip all round.
I had my reasons to be so cocky, I did 14 Km in under 4 hours and a bit, with like OMGz a 64 meter high hill near the end - it was rape but i got through the 64 meter high hill. I thought that was massive, I had  to be the wrongest man alive to think O (our supervisor) would let us off that easily in Oman. I havent got the pics off him yet, but once i do, i'll post em.

Lets put it this way, on our practice, the slowest of slow groups took about 6 hours to do all 14Km. On friday, it took them 17 hours to get off that mountain. This wasnt a fun expediton, this was holding on to dear life. We started the walk at 7:30 (the latest, because he knew my group was one of the fastest), so feeling cocky, we gave it all. we thought we made good progress on the sloped trekking path, for about an hour or two. We thought we'd covered like 6 or 7K, because we were all tired as hell. we refer to our map, realized that we've only done 3.5K. O was right, the smallest gradient would drastically tire you. We soldiered on to reach the top of the mountain, no danger yet. Out of nowhere, O pops up, and tells us all to relax at the mountain top while he has a quick meeting with the other staff. We all knew what it was about, Up ahead us, was the route he originally picked, was deemed too dangerous, it was too steep. So we go on an alternate route, down the mountain. This ones still as dangerous, but easier (but doesnt mean its easy - it was the hardest thing i ever had to do). We think it'll be over in an hour or 2. we walk for a looong time, taking our time, and thinking it cant be too hard. 3 hours later, we look to our right (away from the mountain), and the view hasnt changed, we'd only descented 100m, and had another 1000m to go. By now, we were out of water, and didnt think much of it, thinking that theres a checkpoint up ahead, where we can refill. We were then told that the checkpoint is at the village, at the bottom of the village. We still continue to sing, and laugh and walk down the mountain. its only at the final stop, about an hour before the checkpoint where the shit started to hit the fan. We left at intervals, and JM who was in  my group decided to bail on me and my group (the guys) and go ahead walk with the girls, leaving us behind, we were about 4 or 5 minutes behind, but the lead kept on increasing, untill we were about 10 minutes apart, and we lost visual of MI, but communicated by shouting. FA tells me to stop, and tells me that he just got a call from MI's dad from kuwait. I didnt think much of it, because FA's mum called me, checking on us, but then i hear the words: 'MI called his mum, told her that hes alone and he's injured'. My heart literally skipped a beat and I immediatly get my phone out and dial O, telling him the situation. He asks why hes alone, and then almost has a go at me telling me you shouldnt have left him blah blah, now go up and get him. I live by the strategy of 'Leave no man behind', and I stuck to that, for about 30 seconds, untill it hit me that it's an hour climb (i didnt know exactly where he was), i havent had water for about 6 hours, i was severly dehydrated because i had a jacket, and my tshirt was soaked underneath it, so perspiration FTW, i had little food for him and me, and if it was physically impossible, because i knew one small mistake would end it all. FA told me that we had no choice but to go down and leave him, but i argued until i managed to get in touch with MI, and he told me that it was just a big cut, and that he got up now, and that people behind him caught up with him, and that he had the wound disinfected and wrapped. As he told me that, I called his dad to let him know that it'll all be okay, and started the painful descent. I could see base camp, and i could hear the other laughing it all away, not knowing the shit we've been through, and most importantly JM, who ditched us and was down there with them. I get to a point where he's looking at me, and i shout 'MI's INJURED!' I repeat it, and i see him immediatly grab his rucksack and start the run up the mountain. He stops about 500m away, and i tell him that its all good, and right after he turns his back, i hit a slipperly rock, and start skipping rocks. I thought 'thats it, i've had it', before my foot hitting this massive rock, which stops my almost fatal descent. I take my rucksack off, quick prayer, and literally, RUN down the mountain, not giving a fuck whether i ripped my rucksack, just making a run for base camp, because by then i wasnt thinking straight, so i had to get down there ASAP. FA keeps up, and we make it to camp. I run to the water butts, and everyone asks whats wrong, so i explain the situation, then O tells me that PJ (staff) has caught up with MI, and was fine now. I'm laying there on the floor, when O calls me, FA and JM over and asks whos feeling fit. FA and JM put their hands up, and I tell him im passed out. He explains that he wants us to go up there and walk MI down (we had visual contact with him, he was about 20 mins away) he told us to take a bottle of water, and nothing else, and go. They go, and i lay there on the floor. When theyre really close, and i've regained my posture (almost), i walk up for a minute or two, to meet up with them. I see FA with the most serious face ever, and JM just wanting to get it over with, and MI face - i can just tell he was just about to crack a lame ass joke, so i beat him to it, and we just chill on the way down, then FA cuts in and says: 'Shut the fuck up now, talk down there, lets get down first' He took it way too seriously, but ah well, shit happened (it did). we got down, we were all okay, and we went back to camp. FA loosened up on the way back to camp, and we all got back, but MI had a bit of a headache, so i gave him my panadol, told him to change and get to sleep, because he was really tired. The sun goes down, we set up tents and all, and we go over to girls camp, to chill. Sun goes down, we start worrying about the other groups, because its impossible to climb down at night (seriously, slippery rocks EVERYWHERE). There were about 2 or 3 groups up there, one or 2 of the Kuwaitis (i love those guys:P) and one with the girls (and some of them were a bit of girly girls; not in a bad way though, im really proud of them for making it) so at about 10:30pm, O comes back to camp with the first group, we all hug, and they're all surprisingly laughing it off, but some of them we're pretty roughed up, scratches everywhere. We surprisingly still have energy at night, so we decide to cramp into RK's 3 man tent, when i say we i mean 8 people:P

All in all, pretty rape weekend, but was definatly worth it, especially the 4 hour bus rides, and the flights. Pretty bomb ass weekend

Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Woot Woot

Oman's in exactly 10 hours :D Im pretty much done packing my rucksack, just missing a thing or 2, but its almost ready. This weekend's gonna be non-stop work.

Wake up at 4AM, get to the airport, travel for a few hours, RUN to Carrefour, Race up to the mountain, camp, chill for a bit, then wake up at 6 the following day (Friday) Start the 19KM trek (at 2000m elevation, altitiude sickness FTW!) Drop 1000m in elevation, then climb another 1k in elevation (YAY -.-) then crawl back to camp. Repeat, but with about 9K on Saturday. If i dont post for a week or so, then im either dead or sleeping and cannot be bothered to post

Peace out K-town

Sunday, 7 March 2010


I've given this alot of thought, and concluded that its not a bad Idea (For Kuwait). A month or so ago, Mark at 248AM posted about the Nightclub disguised as a tent. I thought that was a brilliant idea, but too bad it got busted.

But seriously, think of it logically. You're probably thinking 'oh whats clubbing without booze blah blah', well theres more to clubbing than booze. When you go to a club, and decide to get drunk as soon as you see the bar, you'll be drunk as hell, and wont remember a damn thing. Is that the point of a night out clubbing? No!

Clubbing is all about the glamour of the evening. It's about partying the night away, like theres no tomorrow. It's about dancing with whoever's infront of you (even if you dont know them). It's about living the night, with no consequences (most of the time). Why dont they have a club in kuwait then? i mean take away the booze (I dont mind it if they dont :P), whats wrong with having thumping sound system, lights, and a bar serving Non-Alchoholic drinks? Theres pretty much nothing they can argue, besides the idea of mixed dancing. But honestly, will you freaking grow up Kuwaiti officials? It's not like EVERYONE in this country is the 'perfect' religious citizen, and don't bother argueing, its a fact. Do they not know how much money they can make off clubbing? the land fees, and fees for the buildings, the fees for the sound, etc... It'd definatly help the economy in Kuwait. Theres also one (two, actually) massive advantage (the way i see it). My friends, that wanna party the night away, have curfews, etc... If their parents know theyre at a secure venue, then they wont have to be home by like 11 or something. The other being that my friends want to party, but the only 'proper' parties are the underground ones, which usually have weirdos and crackheads, which isnt such a good influence on the teens, and wont make the night so enjoyable.

Whatcha think?

Wednesday, 3 March 2010

Mind block

I really really wanna post about something, i just dont know what to post about. Music, done. Cars, done. Help?

Monday, 1 March 2010

Agera? Yes please

Even if you haven't got the slightest clue what it is, it still sounds awesome, right?
Koenigsegg have never ceased to impress me (and the motoring world), and I believe Christian Von Koenigsegg's dream of a perfect car, has come true with their latest masterpiece, the Agera.

A Quick glance at the very pretty body shows that Koenigsegg decided to base it on the CCX's previous design, only performing minor aesthetic modifications (like those LED's, and that hood), but overall sticking to the original formula (which already proved successful).
Breathtaking, isnt it? But things arent always what they seem, are they? If I didnt know anything about Koenigsegg's philanthropy,You probably expect it to run on Uranium, or Have 22 Turbochargers, right? Oh no, Koenigsegg like to do it in a more civilised way, if I may say. Instead of some 24.0L V16 Engine with 18 Turbochargers and 12 Superchargers, putting out a gazillion horsepower, Its got a V8. Ordinary? I think not.

The CCX's already VERY impressive 4.7 Litre V8 engine that used to produce 806 Bhp, has (somehow) been made to produce a VERY impressive 910 Bhp (that is 910 Bhp on normal 98 octane gas, god knows how much it'll make on European Biofuel jungle-juice - im guessing around the 1,050 Bhp mark?) 910 or 1,050, this is one hell of a machine. Its difficult screwing 910 Bhp from a V8, but its much more difficult putting it on the ground. This is where the Koenigsegg excels, and leaves competition behind.

0 - 62MPH = 3.1 Seconds 
Top speed: +242 MPH 

The beautiful exterior, coupled with mind-blowing performance, had to be completed by a third essential factor, the interior. Koenigsegg have really outdone themselves this time with one of the best race-orientated cockpit I've EVER seen
That 4-Point harness isn't for show, it's needed to keep your body safely in place, while exposing it to 1.5G's in cornering force, and more than 1G of Accelerating and Decelerating force, alot eh? Besides that, its exactly what a racing cockpit should be, basic yet sufficient. I mean really, that dashboard looks like something out of this world, I love it.

 Besides the all new interior and refreshed exterior, Koenigsegg are probably the second car manufacturer to actually realize that its all about the little things (The first manufacturer being Nissan, with the GT-R). For example, the exhause is made entirely of Inconel, a superalloy that has been recently developed by Special Metals Corporation, known for its heat resisting properties and lightness. They've taken it way further, by mounting the fuel tanks on both sides of the car, to optimize the balance, weight distribution, and most importantly to improve handling.It goes on sale later this year, and they plan to make 16-20 of them a year. If only i could afford one *sigh*.

One last thing before i call it a night, The name. Agera in Greek means ageless. It's definatly catchier than the previous evolution of the CCX, the Trevita (Which meant Three whites). But Koenigsegg do have a point by naming it ageless, just look at it.

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[Pics: NetCarShow]