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Friday, 26 February 2010

Strictly Bass

Its a stange thing, bass. Everytime i hear ridiculous bass (the technical term used to describe a audio frequency that makes you think 'shit this way too loud'), I automatically smile (The only other thing to do that is speed). Whenever I bang some stupid (synonym for ridiculous) bass, Or my dad (or anyone else) puts their foot down, i automatically smile.

I made a bass playlist, with the best of the bass i've heard over the years, and they're grouped into 3 classes:

Class C - Deeper than most regular music (with a few bassy parts)
Class B - Considerably deep, deep enough to almost make you wanna turn it down (with a considerablely deep bassline)
Class A - Crazy ass bass (Bass throughout the entire song, music that'll knock things off the wall)
(Songs in bold are ones that'll blow your head up - provided you've got appropriate Subwoofers)

1. Crank Dat Pacman - Crank Squad - Class A
2. Beats for my Van - DJ Billy-E - Class A
3. Here Comes the Boom - Nelly - Class A
4. Ridin' 26's - Crime Mob - Class B
5. Boi (I got so many) - Young Problemz Ft. Gucci Mane & Mike Jones - Class B
6. I Put On - Young Jeezy Ft. Kanye West - Class A
7. Go Getta (Remix) - Young Jeezy Ft. R. Kelly, Jadakiss, & Bun B - Class A
8. Demons - Tech N9ne Ft. Three 6 Mafia - Class A
9. Intro (Redlight District)  - Ludacris - Class A
10. Elevator - Timbaland Ft. Flo Rida - Class B
11. Blueberry Yum Yum - Ludacris Ft Sleepy Brown - Class B
12. Who Not me - Ludacris - Class B
13. Put your money - Ludacris - Class B

Thursday, 25 February 2010


These are by far one of my favourite types of cars, theyre just simply awesome. They're Go-Karts with windows. I love the fact that even though this Abarth Punto Evo has a 1.4 litre 4 cylinder engine, this car is mind-bogglingly fast. Those 16" rims are to die for, and so are those 4-pot fiery red calipers. And that aggressive body kit is one-of-a-kind, so are those dual tip exhaust tips. Looking at those air vents on the rear bumper, and that diffuser at the back, and those low profile tires, gives you the impression that this might be a fast car.

My god is it fast

As soon as you hop in, you'll realize this isnt you're ordinary to-the-shop-and-back family hatchback. This Turbocharged Italian beast unleashes 165 Rampaging italian horses everytime you go near the throttle. It's one hell of a machine. Its got it all. Looks, power, functionality. Sounds perfect, eh?

Monday, 22 February 2010

ElectroHouse Music

Knock You Out - Tiësto

The original track's pretty awesome, not too club like, but just awesome. This Remix by Mysto & Pizzi is the exact opposite. Ridiculous bassline, Catchy tune, its simple off the hook.

These guys are pretty awesome, they've remixed alot of stuff, Kanye West, Britney Spears, Beyonce, Black Eyed Peas, and recently, Tiësto.

I love their remixes, really club-like music, check out their website for more info[Link] and their Youtube channel for the 'Making Of' videos [Link]

Keep up the great work yo!

Sunday, 21 February 2010

She never learns, does she?

He we go again. Remember the girl who was hearbroken buy that fag? well yeah, i knew it wouldnt work out, but i decided to be nice. I hated the guy with all my guts, but i tried my best to be nice to him, when they were together.

A few days ago, i realize that shes really close to another guy - a guy i hate EVEN more. I've known this guy longer than the other one, and I've hated him for longer. Hes got no respect for anyone, and brags like hell, and thinks he can have any girl. The only thing he can have is deez nuts. He's more than welcome to have them. Anyway, back to this. He hated my brother (because of the amount of shit he gave him - respect to Big J), and i was next on the line (and im so proud of myself). Whenever i see him, i make fun of him (so do all my other friends). I see on her Facebook, that she'd listed him as a brother. Ofcourse, me having enough of this shit, flipped on her. I spent an hour and bit, showing how much of an asshole he is, but she doesnt seem convinced, I give up, and just go out to chill somewhere. I warned her - If this happens (which better not), Im not gonna be the nice guy i was last time - EVERY SINGLE TIME i see him, even if hes with you, im gonna make fun of him, and i wont give a shit if you tell me its wrong. I call her up in Rome yesterday, and she tells me that he told her that he likes her blah blah all that shit. I'm 10000000% sure it was COMPLETE AND UTTER BULLSHIT, and that he was probably at some gay ass sleepover when he told her. She told me she wouldnt say yes, and i hope she sticks to that decision..

Saturday, 20 February 2010


This song's been stuck in my head since i woke up - but i'm not complaining. It's a truly amazing song, one of the most inspiring/uplifting songs i've ever heard. I've listened to most versions, and i find that X-Factor winner, Alexandra Burke's version is by far the best. It's one of those songs that immediatly get you reminiscing and thinking, about those things that you'll never forget, you know?

Heres the Youtube link, but take my advice and download it, sounds MUCH better downloaded, unlike Youtube crappy sound quality

Friday, 19 February 2010

Embrace Life

 Definatly better than those cheesy warnings on the radios, from the ministry, which only make you wanna unbuckle your seatbelt and go around driving like a lunatic. This really does show how it isnt worth losing your life over speed, quite an emotional video.

Thursday, 18 February 2010

I'm back

Remember when i explained how pissed i was because i couldnt run today? or even do anything?
Well as i mentioned before, shit happens. I went to sports day on the intention of sitting out on all the running events (which were the only ones which mattered for me). Lets just say i decided to go all arab on it, went for a 300m warmup with the AA and YN, hurt like a bitch, but i still went for it.

Then the strangest thought hits me: What if i run EVERY single race today, would i wreck my ankle?

I decided to prove my mum, friends, and most importantly to myself, that a small twisted ankle wouldnt hold back 6 months of training. First running event was 800m. I grabbed a coloured bib, and raced to the start line.

Click/shot/starting thing and we're off. iPod playing, im completely isolated from the other runners. We break apart after a bit, and i try staying near the front, but fail miserably. I came 4th in our year - MAJOR improvement over last year's 7th, ESPECIALLY with a twisted ankle. I was dead by the 700m mark, but i kept going.

Soldiered on for the 200m (when my feet were absolutly SMASHED) and the 100m Sprint, AND the 400m (not to mention all the other non-running events)

Im proud of myself (in the non cocky way) of getting this far, and in the words of Nate dogg: "I'ma rip this shit, 'till my bone's collapse"

I'm out

Its official - im out today.

Woke up, hoping my foot wouldve recovered - nope. Got up, had cereal, rubbed on some cream on, and asked my dad to wrap it up for me. He did a pretty cool job, its tight, but perfectly fitting, so its fine. But it still hurts like a bitch, which means im out of everything today. Crap isnt it?

I've cooled off after yesterday's post, RK conviced me that it wasnt a big deal (which it was to me). Blah im just glad i can walk, it'll recover, eventually...

Wednesday, 17 February 2010

It's not fair

I dont know what im feeling now. Am i pissed off? Am i depressed? I dont fucking know. The one day i've been waiting for, and it's finally here, i twist my ankle 2 nights before. Fair? I think not.

I'm trying not too flip out, theres still SOME hope of getting better by tomorrow morning (i pray to god i do get better). But like, today, i was talking to some of the 'sporty' guys (the guys that think they're so fit, and that are in the school team for every bloody thing), and like they were showing off, saying how they'd own me at the 100m and 200m, And i almost totally agreed, Im double their size and weight, its not easy getting all 6'2" and 235 Pounds of me off the line, as quickly as they can. But i know this, and i've trained for longer distances. Spent 6 months training, almost 5 times a week, and finally made a 1.2K run. I was ready for both the 800m and 400m - those 'sporty' guys werent going for it, because they would be too 'tired' after it (i laughed when he said that). I didnt care if i won it, i just wanted to run it. And now my hopes of running it have gone down by about 90%.

I know i havent posted for a while, i've been too lazy, but oh well, im back now, week's holiday next week!

Colin McRae: DiRT 2

By far the best game I've EVER played on a computer - might even be the best on any type of console.

Graphics - 10/10 - (No lagging whatsoever)
Audio - 12/10 - (Every engine's different, more orgasmic everytime)
Gameplay - 10/10 - TONS of different events to particpate in -  Almost every single type of offroading there is.

Overall Score: 10/10 - Best game I've played since forever!

Friday, 12 February 2010

Welcome to the good life

like that Kanye song - everything's looking up. Oman trip confirmed, Grades arent too bad, Lifes good, and Sports day's coming. Yay!

Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Je suis double screwed

The essay didnt work out too well, its now 11, i havent done any of the things i've posted earlier, not even jogging!

Its funny how time flys by when you have to do something, and somehow you find distractions, and when you dont need to do anything, time just slows down - gay.

Je suis screwed

My english teacher has asked for a 600 word essay for tomorrow (as if shes getting 600 - i dont play like that). My business teacher (who i called a faggot a few weeks ago - i'll post about it separatly) wants like 14 revision questions in for tomorrow (-as if) and some other stuff. Its 7:52, and i have to be done before 9. Yay.

9 - 10:30 is jogging time, entirely dedicated to the sport, and no it isnt an excuse to skip work (though i use it as one sometimes)

Saturday, 6 February 2010

All i can say is: HAHAHAHAAHAHAHAH!
Omid Djalili is one funny man, and even funnier when he's in a movie! Can't wait till this comes out!

"...In David Baddiel's new comedy, a devout Muslim Londoner (Omid Djalili) discovers that he's adopted, and Jewish."

Invictus - 2009

"His people needed a leader. He gave them a champion."

All i can say, is W-O-W. One of the best movies i've seen.  I dont wanna spoil it to ya'll who havent seen it yet, but here it goes *Spoiler alert* 
Nelson Mandela (Morgan Freeman - The Man!) had just been released from jail, and is elected to be the leader of the broken South Africa, separated by the the apartheid. He was a man on a mission, and he believed that he could change the country. On his first day in office all the white people (white's where the people who put him in prison for 27 years) packed up and were about to leave, because they thought he'd fire them. He gives a mini speech, showing his love to all races, and putting an end to the apartheid. Throughout the movie (and in real life) he gives a series of speeches (theyre not long enough to qualify as proper speeches though) which truly are, inspiring. The ZA rugby team's captain, François Pienaar (Matt Damon) is invited over by Mandela, and Mandela speaks to him, and when Pienaar leaves, he realizes that the president was asking him to win the world cup - an impossible task for the Springbok's, because none of the Black south africans supported them, because they represented the apartheid. But somehow, Mandela manages to unite the entire country, all 42 million  (back then) to support the team, and the final clip shows a small black boy being lifted up by white police men, and hugging each other, and Mandela's bodyguards (white and black) congratulating each other. Its an amazing movie, with a deep meaning, and such inspiring speeches.

Hands down 10/10

Friday, 5 February 2010

When the shit hits the fan -

for my best friend, things couldnt get worse. Families fine, School grades are fine, everything's fine, except for one thing. The Guy.

Earlier, i posted on how her world came crashing down when he ended it. She was fine, smiling and all, untill the big one hit her. I knew it wouldnt be easy (i've been there before). It took her while to get back on her feet, and she was fine. yesterday, while in marina, we walk by 'him', and he's talking to 2 girls - she's trying to avoid him, and so is he - i try to keep her from seeing him, but she sees him. she doesnt really react to it, we just move along. we laughed the night away, as if nothing had happened. Untill i get home, and go online, and start talking to her. She really misses him, and still doesnt get why he ended it. she loved him (she really did), and he didnt pay any attention to her. I knew it wouldnt end up being a 'happy ever after' story, but i didnt point it out too much, i just wanted her to be happy. She says goodnight, and goes to sleep, a few minutes later, so do i.

The next day (today morning) Shes breaking down, she was crying, it was all collapsing. i tried my best to cheer her up, and talk to her about it, spent almost an hour on it, and hoped my efforts worked out. She said her friend cheered her up, and that she was going to do some work, so we say goodbye, and she goes offline, im glad shes cheered up.

I had never seen her in the state she was in today morning, it really does show how much she loved him - while he didnt bother liking her back.

Pretty awesome kickoff

Awesome kickoff to the weekend, met up with some (well, alot) of friends in marina, walked over to the beach, froze our asses off, and walked back to marina. me and AA (initals) decided to go semi streaking - not entirely though, just almost topless. 30 seconds later we realize that it was too fucking cold, and put on our clothes and walk back to marina. Food, food and more food, and then we took a cab to AC's house, where we played the funniest game of basketball i've ever played.
anyway, ill post some more today, its the weekend, so more free time!

Wednesday, 3 February 2010


There goes tomorrow, Sports Day's been postponed.THE JOY [not]. I've been preparing for this one day since september, and a little rain ruins it. They postponed it last year, but that was to my advantage, because i hadnt trained that much, so i had an extra week or so to get into whatever shape i could, But this year, no excuses. Training since september, 5 days a week, building up for the big day, and they go and cancel it.

"%&^ This.

Tuesday, 2 February 2010

GulfRun 5

Mark [248AM] and Marzouk [ZDistrict] both said that this year's GulfRun was pretty epic (especially Marzouk!) If i stay in the middle east long enough to get a driver's liscence, theres no chance in hell im missing that year's GulfRun. It seemed pretty awesome, with all the (i have to say AMAZING) cars that participated this year (including my favourite - The Nissan GT-R, rightfully dubbed 'Godzilla'). Besides the cars, and the drivers, the thing that impresses me the most, is that someone (the creaters of GulfRun) is trying hard to turn the Middle east to an International hub for everything. Dubai started with, well, basically everything IN Abu Dhabi, and that worked. Bahrain followed by constructing the Formula 1 Track (where GulfRun was hosted). And now thats all being put to good use. Good Job guys. Its these kind of people that are gonna get the Middle east famous (for Business, not bombs), its working for the future and having an open mind, not holding up the present and being so close minded (*cough* Saudi Arabia with the Pakistani diplomat *cough*). I have nothing against Saudi Arabia(i lived there when i was born for about 5 or 6 months) my parents tell me its a great country, i quote my dad "Riyadh would be like New York if you take away the Saudi Arabian thinking".
 Okay im going completely off topic, so I'll just stop here before i wander off haha.

Mark's review of the weekend here (Day 1) and here (Day 2)
Marzouq's opinion of the GR here

Peace out K-town

(Picture courtesy of www.ZDistrict.com)

Lovedrunk - not good

Don't you hate it when one of your bestfriends is madly inlove with a guy that (obviously) love her back, and ignores her, and you try warning her and she doesnt listen and ends up being hurt?

Well i do.

I come home yesterday noon, she (who shall remain anonymouse) tells me that he's been ignoring her (well, ignore isnt the word - uninterested is) all day, and i saw this with my own 2 eyes, from far away, when he walked over to her, he freaking shook her hand. Seriously?

So we're talking about it, and i advise her to just end it, i didnt want to see her hurt, but she re-enforces the fact that she loves him , and that 'he's different outside school'. I respected her decision, and told her to do as she please (in a friendly way). 3 hours later, she sends me an online message that he broke up with her. i HATE to say i told you so, but i told her to do it first because i didnt want to see her hurt, but yeah, shit happens. she goes offline for the rest of the night, so i try texting, and no reply. Today morning, i see her at school, still in the same state she was last night. She almost crys during class, but she holds it together, im proud of her for that. Later on in the day, she starts to lighten up, and im happy that shes smiling and laughing now, but i know once she gets home its all gonna collapse again (i've been there - not pretty). But she surprisingly held it together very well, and im really proud of her, and i hope she gets over it ASAP, which i know isnt gonna be easy.

Any suggestions to help her get over it?

Monday, 1 February 2010

Tonights gonna be a good, good night

Not so bad of a day, it turned out to be. I still have quite a bit of work, but once that's done, im going for a run, big day's on Thursday!

African Cup 2010 - Egypt vs. Ghana

Wow, we did it!!! An amazing game i must say, both teams played amazingly, but that first and last goal by Mohammed Nagy Gedo was just too much to for words. It was the final 5ish minutes, both teams had lost hope in scoring, i look at my phone to check the time, the commentator screams GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAL i look up in time for the replay, watch the AMAZING goal, which was a few inches away from the goalies hand, but Gedo makes it!

[Courtesy: FIFA.com]

But i gotta give it to Ghana, they put up one hell of a fight, and i must say, it couldve gone both ways, but it was just hard luck for Ghana!