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Wednesday, 9 June 2010

Tramontana R

Name says it all, just another Spanish Supercar firm-wannabe. Or is it?
The Tramontana R is the brainchild of an Indy car racer (I forgot his name) and I must say, He's got one hell of a brain.
Firstly, that gorgeous racer body. Am I the only one that things that this is one of the most beautiful cars ever to roam these streets. The only MINOR issue I have with the looks is that front end, it doesn't go with the sleek F1 body, or am I blind?
Nonetheless, this is still a dangerous machine, it DEFINED dangerous. Behind you're terrified passenger, hidden under a lattice of carbon fiber, Is a Benz sourced 5.5L Twin turbo V12. The thing with the output, is that theres a knob in the cockpit (I know that sounds extremely perverted). There are 2 modes. DEFCON 5: Setting the engine output to 550HP, modest if I may say. This mode is for trips to the store (If you had this car though, you wouldn't go to the store, the store'll come to you, it costs €500,000). If you want to be a badboy behind the wheel, notch it up a bit, but hold on. Theres no 'bit'. Its straight to DEFCON 1: 770 EspaƱol-i Horses. 203MPH, 0-60MPH in 3.6 seconds, and 1268KG. Need i say more than:
'Tonight. We dine in hell. Or the state car impound.' (And R.I.P. Tramontana R's rear tires)

It just looks like an F1 racer, those massive side intakes are just not enough for words, just amazing. The line across it, continuing over the the back. It's just gorgeous sometimes. The only thing that would make it prettier is a roof-less version. Oh look, they made one!
I have to say i'd rather be in that picture than to be in an F1 racer. (Not really, i'm just stating that i'd LOVE to drive that.) But look at it take that corner. How much more controlled does it get? For gods sake Hamilton's MP4-25 has more body roll in a corner! To sum it up, it's just a gorgeous piece of automotive perfection. Sorry i keep going on and on about how it looks in that picture, I just keep glancing up, and every time i see it taking that corner, i'm tempted to re-emphasize how pretty is. F1 style intakes, F1 style angular body, it's just lovely. 
I think you'll have to conceit, that is the best-looking paint job. ever. Artic Camo in the Alps. Brill-fucking-tastic (excuse the language, it's to help get the point across).
It IS the best paint job ever. It's a Tramontana R in military jet liveries. In the immortal words of Terry crew:
' i want somma datt'
Get used to seeing this view, because if i'm driving, that'll be the only view you'll see. (Hint hint, wink wink)

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