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Tuesday, 25 January 2011


When you spend time in an airport, you'll realise that life never stops moving. New people arriving, others departing, it's a never-ending loop. If i've learnt anything from spending hours in airports;

Life goes on. People come and go, nothing seems to be capable of stopping it. Put this into application, you'll see that nothing can hold you back. Moments when you feel like quitting. Moments where you stop making an effort to live, and just let everything collapse.

The only reason you don't just take your life, is because subconsciously, part of you still believes in hope. part of you believes that it can get better. part of you believes life goes on.

Theres always hope, no matter how bad it may be (and i do mean that).

Sunday, 23 January 2011


We sometimes have moments in our lives, where we just drop everything, pause, and take a moment to think. Moments like these we spend a few seconds, considering who we are, what we've done, and basically an external outlook on our lives. I've had these moments in the weirdest of places, but that split second of immense thought, proves to be the most serene. I once had a 'self--realization' moment in the middle of a party. There was loud music, flashing lights, the whole lot.

Those few seconds of trance, were enough to put my life into perspective. I stepped outside for a few minutes, away from the the noise and the distractions. I just thought to myself, what is life? We live, we die, it moves on. Is it better to live your life happy but with not many possessions, or unhappy with all the money and glory in the world? (and no, i wasn't high when I was thinking this)

I realized how insignificant and short, life really is. Make the most out of it, have fun, just don't completely throw away your future; after all, what's a life without happiness?


Monday, 3 January 2011


I know i've disappeared for quite a while, and I'm sorry!

I'm back now (i hope) but i'm running low on ideas.. i've already written 2 posts, and realized they didn't make sense at all, so i'm coming to you (whoever's reading..) for help. so here it is: