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Sunday, 20 June 2010


Sometimes days I sit, staring out the window, watching this world pass me by - Eminem.

There's always a time, where you're in a situation. When everyone starts to get on together, and sociality increases, but you're not sure, whether to start going back to social life and drama, or stay out of it for longer. You see, the longer you stay away, the less they'll talk, and the more they forget. When they're all indulged in this new found social life, they'll forget about the people that used to be in their life, and you'll be forgotten, unless you do something about it. But the thing is, you don't to be involved, but you have to stay involved, or else you lose all social status. I, for one wouldn't care much about social status, I've been to both ends of the scale, but what to do, when everyone's getting along, but forgot about you? do you jump back in (with the risk of being called desperate), or just lay low?

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