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Wednesday, 2 June 2010

The Book Of Eli

Simply an amazing movie, need I say more? I wont spoil it for those of you who havent watched it, but basically Eli Walker (Denzel Washington) is a traveler in a post-apocalyptic earth, which is war-struck and devastated. All bibles on the planet were burned, but he had found the only surviving copy of the New King James bible. He's a traveler that has been walking for 30 years, because a voice told him to head west. He runs into many (and i mean many) struggles in the middle, yet he overcomes every-single-one. He's a weapons master, and at one point in the movie, takes out almost 10 armed men, with 1 machete. He's a master at close combat, and has never missed a single shot with his pistol and . He's never lost a fight in the movie.

I initially attributed it to his experience and his lifestyle, untill the final scene in the movie where he dictates the entire bible from memory. Walker's blind.

10/10 - Brilliant movie, if you haven't already, you must watch it

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