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Thursday, 3 June 2010

I want - now

Straight to the point - the top five cars I want. Oh and, if you don't know cars, just skip this post, because all you'll say is 'oh thats old/ugly', theres more to a car than the age or speed. Enjoy!

5. Koenigsegg Agera - It's a brilliant car, goes like a bat out of hell, and looks gorgeous, even the price tag at +$1 Million is semi-justifiable, because of the engineering and passion put into this car. But I just wouldn't pay that much on a single item (unless I was rich enough). And also, its a bit hard to live with. You'll be lucky to carry a passenger, your insurance papers, and a pack of M&M's. For those reasons, its at the bottom of my list.

4. Pagani Zonda Cinque - It's just a petrolhead's wetdream. It is bite-the-back-of-your-hand beautiful. It will go into the history books, as one of the most stunning masterpieces ever engineered. It's a hardcore stripped out racer, coupled with an ear-piercing Mercedes - Benz sourced V12, producing (though the correct terminology is holding back) 678 ferocious Italian horses. It's just the perfect car, but then has the same problem as the Agera. 1 Million English Pounds - KD500,000 give or take. I know its fast and gorgeous, but really, it's a bit ridiculous... (but i still adore it)
3. Audi RS6 - One Mean Machine. Why? Because it looks like a normal family sedan... But oh my lord it's a beast. Don't let that discrete sculpture fool you, this beast is packing 572 Horsepower, and a top speed of +200MPH. Bi-Turbo 5.0 Litre V10. Ever wondered where the monster in your closet moved to? Under the 2010 RS6's Hood. - It's not a bad price either, it's just a bit expensive for me, which is why its number 2.
Seriously, a family sedan with Recaro racing seats? (I'm not complaining.)

2. Competitions heating up now, this is my favourite, and current (realistically) 'planning-on-buying-in-the-future' car. The Nissan GT-R. Why? People say it's ugly, and doesn't live up to its father's name, the R34. I agree and disagree. It's not AS customizable as the R34, I agree its not as pretty, but it still is, non the less of a brilliant machine. Grip? Check. Speed? Check. Power? Check. Everything to make a perfect sports car? Check. It's techy, It's fast, It's geeky. I love it. Oh, and it's KD25,000.
A price worth paying in my mind...
Front wheel to the back, i think it's gorgeous. It's the front that let it all down.
Any where, any time, any speed, any weather, it will take a corner - supercar style.
Geeky Mutli-touch display screen. 
I like.     Alot.
Simplistic in design. Brilliant.
With the white seats, I find that simply one of the best budget supercars interior ever made. Just look at it.

1. 1967 Ford Mustang Shelby GT500 'Eleanor'. Ask anyone above the age of 17, what the best muscle car is and he'll/she'll reply  'Eleanor'. I prefer the 2001 remake of the film, and sorry, as old as it may seem, this beast shall not be quiet. It may be 43 years old, but god all-mighty will it put up one hell of a fight before it CONSIDERS giving in. The special one used in the movie is the ultimate Ford. Sorry, I just love it...
It's just 'Beautiful Dangerous' in the words of Slash. (Song goes brilliantly with the cars image)

It's just gorgeous, just one thing, Eleanor's packing a little extra juice than the stock 1967 Shelby. A stock 1967 Shelby, with the biggest offered engine, produced 300HP, a lot of ponies back in the day.
So tempted to press it...
The most infamous button on this planet.. Go baby go..
Classic 5 speed stick shift, no time to mess around with some paddle shifter. This is the real deal.

300HP In 1967 was a big deal. THIS 1967 Shelby Mustang Eleanor produces 770HP. And no, that wasn't a typo. Seven-Hundred And Seventy Horsepower. Coupled with a manual tranny, and Bye-Bye rear tires

Speedin' down a California freeway at sundown, wind blowing through your hair, radio on full blast, and you glance down to see how fast you're going, and you're immediately reminded that you're in an Eleanor. The perfect end to my day...


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