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Sunday, 30 May 2010


I miss blogging, I just can't find anything to write about, like back in the day...


I Can't Blame you

It's a really weird situation to be in. It's when you're absolutely determined to achieve something, or stop a bad habit perhaps, and you show all that determination for a few days or so, and then you go and ruin all of that determination you had, and it's back to the vicious circle. In a while, you'll want to re-do all of that. You'll be determined, etc... and two days later your back to it. Unless you put in effort, and genuine determination, you wont get anywhere. I understand if you quit, because its difficult to stop to it, example smoking. I wont judge you for not being determined enough to face it, I cant. But what one can do is help. Help them reach their target. Sometimes they can do it without help, but sometimes they require help. Thats all sorted

Setting a target then telling someone you're going to achieve it, and then you quit, can sometimes be unacceptable. If you werent gonna achieve that target, theres no point setting it in the first place. Either way, I can't judge you.

So think. If you want to achieve something, and your honestly wanting to stop, then go for it, you've got my support. But if you can't stop, then why bother setting the target in the first place?

Today: Gotten - Slash Ft.Adam Levine (My new favourite song) 

Monday, 24 May 2010


'I didnt choose this life, this life chose me' - Benzino

Sometimes, the smallest of things can be on your mind for such a long time, it's ridiculous. My dad was really pissed off at me, because i wasn't wise with money blah blah. I completely understand, and i was a bit upset. My mum tells me 'oh you don't seem so affected blah blah, don't you care?' I told her i do, and i always do care, i just don't show it a lot. The fact that she's almost rubbing it in, makes it worse. But hey guess what? I never give too much of a crap. Thats the reason I'm always so cheery. Its not because i'm a rebel child, or a dropout or something. I just never let anything get to me, because It's such a shame to be in a bad mood all the time, missing out on time to do something useful, such as help others, go jogging, etc... (the stuff i do basically). Long story short, I don;t like to give too much attention to useless stuff (school gossip, etc...) because it'll only trip me up, and not benefit me in anyway, so just try being happy. When you're feeling down, just look at the bright side of life, you're living life, even if your in a living hell, try to smile, you'll feel better.

(I know its an emotionless post, but i think i might've lost my writing skills...)

Friday, 21 May 2010


Exams time = Screwed. I haven't started studying, I've only done about 20 minutes of studying, in the past week.
SO i'm screwed, but i simply haven't got any interest in studying, buuut, i'll do good (hopefully) so im disappearing for a bit. But there shall be a mixtape, which i'll post about in on the 8th or so, for the best summer experience possible,
stay tune!

Saturday, 8 May 2010

Summer Plan

Me and a few of the guys, have decided that we should all go Jogging at 8AM, at the Scientific Centre. I laughed when FA said 'Man, this is gonna take dedication, you up for it?'. The reason behind my laugh, is because I've been dedicated since September, thats what got me so far, Dedication and Motivation. I'm up for it, I'm just missing a few things to make it an awesome summer training program:

1) I need new kicks! My old Reebok's are slowly dying away. This picture is the closest i can get to the shoe of my dreams (Sounds weird, i know:P). I want something Black on black, with streaks of orange/yellow on it. Sleek, yet sexy.

2) Running outfits, I want tight shorts (they reduce friction and other stuff *cough* and help ALOT)

3) SUNGLASSES. Oakley's to be specific, they simply look awesome:

I think that I've covered all my needs, and doubt any of them will be ready by the summer (besides the shoes, and POSSIBLY the glasses. This summer might just turn out to be pretty awesome!

Hiatus = Almost Over

I apologize (for the millionth time) for disappearing without a trace for a while. Back when I just started I was motivated to write, I had proper motivation, but now it seems, that motivation has worn out...

I'm really eager to post, and I really want to, I simply can't think of an appropriate topic, I can't even find the motivation to write about any old rubbish.


Update: I'll be back sooner than expected...