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Friday, 2 July 2010

Deeper meanings: I

This world is turning me 
Sun and moon 
They keep on trading 
A different glow and shade
In dark or light

No song of certainty 
Brings the love we should be giving 
We are all in dark or light 

- Cathy Burton

Simple lyrics from an astonishing vocalist. The last stanza is the my main focus today, certainty. What's our generation being accused of? Being either too emotional, or not emotional enough (emphasis on the latter). Why? Why aren't we (sometimes) emotionless? Is it because we don't care? No, it's because we don't want to go through the pain of giving our love, and not receiving anything in return. How that relates to the lyrics, is that there's no certainty behind loving someone, it's just risks, There's no security, assuring us that the love we give, will be appreciated and returned. That's why we're (our generation) so closed up. We're too afraid to show our love, because no one can assure it'll be returned. 

The last line is perfect of describing our situation. We're either showing our love, and getting it back, or we're keeping it in, afraid of expressing it. It's up to you to be in the dark, or in the light.

and remember:

'Living life is a risk, taking it is your option'