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Friday, 30 April 2010

Keep Fighting

When you're facing a challenge, no matter what is, regardless of difficulty, you know what propels you? Lets take running for an example (its the only thing i can talk about from experience). Being completely honest, If i didn't have motivation, I would just quit at about 800m, when I'm pretty tired.

Training propels you for 10% of your challenge, Motivation propels you the remaining 100% (no, thats not a typo)

I started jogging in September, i started from scratch, had nothing at all. And when i say nothing at all, i mean 100m slow jogging was enough to kill me. People in my school thought they were so awesome for being so fit, etc... And they thought just because your overweight, you can't run or do any strenuous activities. I never forgot the day when one of them said 'you can't do shit, so go sit on the side' Back then, my initial target was 800m, even though i only made it to about 700m, then i was completely dead. The frustration of not getting anywhere, after 4 months of work, was unbearably annoying. This however, out of all the issues of my life, i decided to fight back. I struggled, late nights out on the street, pushing my body further than it can handle (and further than i can handle). God will always reward you for your effort, always. Whether its months later (which it was), or years later, he will reward you.

he did. 

2 weeks ago i just set a benchmark, 2.5 Kilometers. I thought it was a fluke, but i did it 3 times in a row. I'd made it, and proved everyone wrong. How did i do it? I just decided, that I was gonna run, till I collapse. The night before that, I was dead by the 1.2 Kilometer mark. How did it double? I gave it 110% of my effort, and i was rewarded

Moral of the story, whether its family issues, running, studying. In order to make progress, you have to give 110% of your effort, and trust me when i say this out of experience, the feeling of achieving 110% percent has to be the best feeling ever. What motivates you? The will to be a better person, the will to prove EVERYONE wrong, The will to be in better places. To get there, you must work hard for it.

When things for everyone around you are going amazing, and they've got everything you don't. NEVER give up, keep fighting, even if you give you gave your all, I guarantee you, absolutely guarantee you, it'll pay off soon.

Motivation is everything

Monday, 26 April 2010

'Its like awesome and weird at the same time'

So this party on Friday yeah? it was awesome. But theres just one thing, Halfway through the party, Im at the bar, getting a drink (and no, it wasn't a scotch on the rocks, it was coke) and this pretty young lady, walks up to me, and asks 'are you Louka?' i reply with the suspicious 'yes... and you are?' and we engage in conversation for a good 30 minutes, and you know when you meet someone, and theyre just awesome? she was.

Saturday, 24 April 2010


I'm disappearing for a while now, I just havent got any ideas to post about, so it's goodbye for a while,

Peace out K-town

Friday, 23 April 2010

I'm out

Parent's haven't agreed on the bike thing, so I wont be racing the triathlon next week. I've been away for a while, just haven't found anything to post about, so blegh..

Sunday, 18 April 2010

Words of Wisdom

'Life's simply a journey, It's up to you to enjoy it'

Wednesday, 14 April 2010


Quick short post today, i havent got much to say, just that there isnt any update on the Triathlon, if i dont do it (50% chance) i wont be too disappointed, because im not so prepared (even if i give it my all, 6 days a week). The other 50% is that when my mum comes back, she agrees, and i buy a bike and go for the triathlon. Its up to god now.


Saturday, 10 April 2010


Things aren't really looking up for the triathlon.. Jogging i'll be fine, Cycling, i dont have a bike + my dad says its not worth it. And he's talking about the pollution in the sea, and buying a bike etc... It sucks. Fingers crossed though, im STILL gonna train like crazy, even if i dont run the triathlon.

Im keeping my hopes high

Another thing, you know when you see something and say: 'yeah im sooo doing that' and then you go to sleep, wake up and realize its not such a good idea? I've had that happen 2 days ago, but it's gonna take alot more than that to stop me. The things full of professional triathletes, some have climbed mountains, competed in tons of marathons and triathlons, and have professional gear. That does put me off a bit, but i don't care, because i dont want first place, i just want to finish it. Like i said for sports day:

'I didnt care if i won it, i just wanted to run it'

Friday, 9 April 2010

Taking the moment II

It's all set. I emailed them, understood the registration steps, and other misc. stuff. All i need now is 5 crucial things

1) Register + Buy a bike and practice on it
2) Train like shit
3) Train like hell
4) Train like crazy
5) Train like a *****

 oh, and wait for my parents to agree -.- my dad's against the swim part because of the pollution problem here, and against the bike part because they think if i buy a bike, i'll never use it (as i said in my last post)

Fingers crossed (yn)

Taking the moment

There are sometimes in life, where you see something, and instantly want to do it, regardless of difficulty, reason, or preparation, you just get that hunch that you've gotta do it. You know its hard. You just get the feeling that it's right. You know?

I was randomly browsing the internet, and Mark on 248AM posted about the First Official Triathlon [link to official website] in Kuwait. I've been training since september for sports day, which passed, and i haven't stopped training. Lord knows how much i want to compete in this, but there are soo many things holding me back:

1) Age, they may have restrictions
2) Parents: A Triathlon to an arab parent's eyes is an excuse to waste a good day's worth of study time
3) I dont have a bike, and i doubt my parents would accept me getting one just for the sake of this triathlon (even though i wanted one in the summer). Their excuse? : 'you'll use it for a bit, then get bored of it'. FOR GODS SAKE IM NOT 5!
4) I'm not fully prepared for it. I havent cycled for ages, I havent swam in a rough sea before (waves tire you), I've never cycled 10K. I've never run 2.5K (1.3K's my record).

Thats a tall order for me, changing my diet and routine for these few hours. I know it wont be easy. I know i'll be aching after each workout/practice session the next 3 weeks. I know it'll affect my studies (not massively, but yeah). I know i might not make it. You know what?

I'll do it.

Thursday, 8 April 2010

Quick Update

Hey ya'll, I just got back from Egypt yesterday, and i've been too lazy to post, sorry:P I'll post soon enough, once i get my 2 late essays done, i'll be back, but before i go, i wanna leave you with something. Last week, Armin Van Buuren (One of my favourite DJ's/Artists) released 'A State Of Trance 2010' mixtape, and i just finished downloading it. Fabolous tracks as usual, Disc 1: On The Beach & Disc 2: In the Club. It's full of melodies that just want you to party all night, very trancy sounds, and it gets my 10/10 rating, simple mind-blowing. I apologize for today's rather short post, but i'll leave you with something to keep you busy till my next post:

A State of Trance 2010 Mixed by Armin Van Buuren - Torrent

Friday, 2 April 2010

Simple Mind, Simple Pleasures

I thought about this for a while, and found it a good topic for today's post. I was sitting in church today, tired, sleepy, and hungry. I wasnt smiling at all. I see a man, sitting on floor, right infront of me. He was dark skinned, unshaved, white haired, wrinkled face. He seemed VERY poor. I must've stared at him for atleast 15 minutes (he probably thinks im weird now), and he finally looked at me, and smiled. He smiled all day long, it wasnt a massive teeth-showing smile, it was one of those hopeful smiles. I could tell he had nothing, His clothes looked scruffy, he look scruffy, but yet he put on a smile, and i can only imagine he was hoping for better days to come. I admired him today.

If he's lost everything, had no money, and no family, nothing, and yet managed to put a genuine smile on, only one explanation. Simple mind. Why are we depressed sometimes? because we set our expectations too high, and get bummed. Thats the only reason.

Moral of the story, is keep it simple. Set your hopes up high, and if all fails, and you get knocked down, get up and set your hopes higher, and trust me, you will get there, no matter what the issue is.