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Thursday, 17 June 2010

It's not cool

Don't you hate the feeling when you really want to do something for someone, because you're certain it'll make them happier, and because they deserve it, but you simply aren't able to? It's one of the worst feelings, having someone do so many things for you, helping you, yet you can't pay them back? What made me think of this is a few days ago, We were all in the car. Me my brother and my parents. Let me give you some background info though, My brothers college funds are A LOT (and i mean a lot) and my mum doesn't work, so theres a lot of pressure (financially on  my dad). I pitty him, because he busts his ass 10 hours a day, to make money, and yet most of it goes to our education, which is crap, because he hasn't got that much money left for himself. If I had the heart, i'd leave school, just so he can enjoy himself for a bit, but he wouldn't want that, he wants all this education to pay off, and i'm determined to make him proud (though at this pace i'm not sure its happening). So we were driving along, and my dad saw a BMW 7-Series, the most expensive (I think) and most luxurious car BMW make, and he said 'I really like that car' and he went on for a bit about it, how it looks, etc... That man has been working endlessly, to live a decent life, but he hasn't got the money or time to enjoy himself. I feel spoilt, and unjust, since I living life, and messing around, and he's working his ass off. But I know one thing for sure, I owe everything to him, and i'm determined to get him that car, in a few years time, once i'm in college, and I get a job, i'm saving money to get him that BMW, before I get a car, because really, who deserves it more, the boy who's had fun on his fathers expense? or the man that's given his life to his children's education?

He's getting that BMW 735Li, end of.

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