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Tuesday, 22 June 2010


20 minutes ago, I was kinda sleepy, and I was about to get up and sleep, right after the episode of A State of Trance was over, then Armin Van Buuren announces something rather interesting. His exact words 'My next track is from the Egyptian duo, Aly & Fila'. Keyword being 'Egyptian'. I was even more shocked when I found out that indeed they were fully Egyptian, and had very Egyptian names indeed. I'm not always so patriotic, but I felt really proud. What makes them different to any up-and-coming artists? They've performed all over the world  Cairo to Cyprus, Netherlands to New York. They've played live with Armin Van Buuren, the #1. Name in the Trance scene, and remixed countless tracks, and collaborated with some of the biggest names ever (John O' Callaghan to name one). They're just as known as any other trance producer. I was incredibly impressed, and by the time the song was over, i'd done my research, and realized that they were indeed amazing enough to be hosted on such a prestigious show. I was proud because:
1) They're Egyptian
2) They can make PROPER trance music.

Their music's pretty damn awesome too, i just downloaded their new album 'Rising Sun', and already 1 track has attracted my attention to be in the SkyOne mixtape, so it's delayed for a few days!

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