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Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Mean Cruising II : The style

A followup to my last post, on Mean cruising music. Mean cruising cannot be done without:
1) Appropriate Car/Swagga
2) Appropriate Sound System.
3) Appropriate Music.

Music was covered in the last post, as for Sound system, you'll manage:P. Only uncovered point is the Car part. When people are cruising, Everyone in the car must be comfortable, and feel like a boss, sitting in whatever seat they're in. If its a 4 door car, its preffered to have only 3 or 4 passengers. 3 means the driver, the passenger, and the boss sitting in the back. I prefer the back seat, being driven around, staring out the window, with your hand on your chin, like a 1970's dictator. 'Tis pimpin. SUV's are the best and most common vehicles for Mean Cruising, prefferably with tinted rear windows, adds to the image. Top vehicles for Mean cruising are as follows:

1) Chevy Tahoe / Cadillac Escalade (Tie) - In Black, with blacked out windows, blacked out rims, just like the one on my last post:

2) Rolls Royce Phantom/Drophead Coupe:
3) Pre-1985 Honda CRX (Very effective with +4 guys cramped up in it, with music banging, and smoke coming out the windows):
4) Pre-1965 Old school Chevy Impala/Cadillac Eldorado (More effective with Hyrdraulics, gold 100 spoke rims, and some girls in the back):
 5) 2010 Maybach Zeppelin - (Most effective on this list, with tinted windows, shades, fresh suit, etc... - perfect image)

I personally prefer number 1 and 5, the PERFECT cars for me, and more importantly,cruising.


  1. correction:
    mean cruising cannot be done without:
    a) a naked chick in the backseat :P that's swagga!
    b) appropriate music [lil wayne etc:P]
    c) tinted windows

    sorry, just had to :P
    dude those cars suck, the 3 in the middle. and yeah I agree, 1 and 5 are the best in my opinion too :)
    and looool. "music banging, and smoke coming out the windows" HAHAHA i can just imagine that. sounds like some scene from a badass hollywood movie :P
    haha peace

  2. a) -.-
    b) go get some taste please
    c) go re-read the post please

    I'm terribly sorry, are you going to teach me how to cruise?

    in the words of Dr.Dre, bitch shut yo trap

    i didn't think you'd comment.
    niggaaa, i learnt from the best (H)
    naah am jkn. and i still stick to my a) b) and c) okay maybe not the a) part because i was just messing :) and c) yeh ok ok -.-
    oh and andd... check my blog =]