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Monday, 1 March 2010

Agera? Yes please

Even if you haven't got the slightest clue what it is, it still sounds awesome, right?
Koenigsegg have never ceased to impress me (and the motoring world), and I believe Christian Von Koenigsegg's dream of a perfect car, has come true with their latest masterpiece, the Agera.

A Quick glance at the very pretty body shows that Koenigsegg decided to base it on the CCX's previous design, only performing minor aesthetic modifications (like those LED's, and that hood), but overall sticking to the original formula (which already proved successful).
Breathtaking, isnt it? But things arent always what they seem, are they? If I didnt know anything about Koenigsegg's philanthropy,You probably expect it to run on Uranium, or Have 22 Turbochargers, right? Oh no, Koenigsegg like to do it in a more civilised way, if I may say. Instead of some 24.0L V16 Engine with 18 Turbochargers and 12 Superchargers, putting out a gazillion horsepower, Its got a V8. Ordinary? I think not.

The CCX's already VERY impressive 4.7 Litre V8 engine that used to produce 806 Bhp, has (somehow) been made to produce a VERY impressive 910 Bhp (that is 910 Bhp on normal 98 octane gas, god knows how much it'll make on European Biofuel jungle-juice - im guessing around the 1,050 Bhp mark?) 910 or 1,050, this is one hell of a machine. Its difficult screwing 910 Bhp from a V8, but its much more difficult putting it on the ground. This is where the Koenigsegg excels, and leaves competition behind.

0 - 62MPH = 3.1 Seconds 
Top speed: +242 MPH 

The beautiful exterior, coupled with mind-blowing performance, had to be completed by a third essential factor, the interior. Koenigsegg have really outdone themselves this time with one of the best race-orientated cockpit I've EVER seen
That 4-Point harness isn't for show, it's needed to keep your body safely in place, while exposing it to 1.5G's in cornering force, and more than 1G of Accelerating and Decelerating force, alot eh? Besides that, its exactly what a racing cockpit should be, basic yet sufficient. I mean really, that dashboard looks like something out of this world, I love it.

 Besides the all new interior and refreshed exterior, Koenigsegg are probably the second car manufacturer to actually realize that its all about the little things (The first manufacturer being Nissan, with the GT-R). For example, the exhause is made entirely of Inconel, a superalloy that has been recently developed by Special Metals Corporation, known for its heat resisting properties and lightness. They've taken it way further, by mounting the fuel tanks on both sides of the car, to optimize the balance, weight distribution, and most importantly to improve handling.It goes on sale later this year, and they plan to make 16-20 of them a year. If only i could afford one *sigh*.

One last thing before i call it a night, The name. Agera in Greek means ageless. It's definatly catchier than the previous evolution of the CCX, the Trevita (Which meant Three whites). But Koenigsegg do have a point by naming it ageless, just look at it.

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  1. eeeeeeeek, this car is the sex :P
    i waaaaant!! :P
    and dont worry, one day am sure you'll be able to afford it. :P
    and i love the name, Agera. <3
    haha peace fellow blogger XD

  2. um, not at a million dollars and a bit i wont:P