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Thursday, 25 March 2010

Jogging playlist - 03/10

Once you really get into this amazing sport, you'll realize that music is a BIG part of your run. For example, you've started your run, and you go for about 700m, and the tell yourself 'its no big deal if i stop, i know i can do 1200m, but i dont need to tire myself this time, i can do it when i want to!'. You say that one night, then the next night, then the next few days, then the next few weeks, not to mention you stop at shorter distances each time, untill you realize you cant run for 600m without having to stop. Not good. Music is the best motivator, for the remaining 400m or so, it really does get you pumping (even though your legs are cramping, you've got lactic acid build up and youre out of breath). My routines pretty simple (and short, im not that good yet):

10mins/980m = Warm up, quick walking - _'..
6-7mins/1220m = Jog, keep steady pace, frequently sprinting for a few seconds - _'..
7-8mins/depends = walk around for a bit, and walk to my sprint point, and prepare
>15secs/120m= Sprint, give it the beans for as along as possible - _'..
As long as i feeel like it/depends = walk home, relaxing.

1. It's Time For War - LL Cool J (Used to jog to this, but then switched to track 4) 
2. Remember The Name - Fort Minor
3. No One - Alicia Keys
4. Man On The Run - Dash Berlin Ft. Cerf, Mitiska & Jaren
5. Hallelujah - Alexanda Burke
6. The Time Of Our Lives - Il Divo Ft. Toni Braxton
7. Heart Of a Champion - Nelly

1. Take A Look Around - Limp Bizkit (Mission Impossible Song)
2. Go Hard - DJ Khaled Ft. Kanye West & T-Pain
3. What Have You Done (Original Version) - Within Temptation
4. Through The Fire And Flames - DragonForce


  1. couch potatoes are da best bro (Y)

    i can't do any of the things u listed there :P lol, u know last time i did proper exercise was way back in y9. and then i even dropped P.E. :P [wasnt a smart decision, music SUCKED. i was stuck with an italian, and indian, and a drunk IG music teacher. fml. and i ended up dropping ig music]
    so yeah... but hey some of those songs are pretty good, i've got most of them on my computer =]

    yey i commented (A) lol :P

  2. well, no thte most productive comment of em all, but hey, atleast you did.