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Sunday, 28 March 2010

The 'Gathering'

Alright. Start off, got there, linen shirt and jacket, lookin flyy. Everyone lookin flyy, girls all dressed up, you get the point. People start arriving, theres no dancing yet, just a random outburst of laughing everynow and then. Pretty normal gathering. so far. Flashing lights, decent music (by decent i mean alrightish music, not proper party music). Then someone arrives with all the water. Some of us were really 'thirsty', so we drank away, to quench our thirst:P We dance dance, the Roman couple go to the bathroom to freshen up *cough cough*. and then the small d***ed asian guy starts smooching with some slut *cough* and like feeling up on her butt, and the whole lot. So in a fashionable bro-like manner, i walked over when he was too busy making out to look, and pulled his pants to the floor, and almost started singing 'pants on the ground'. Thats pretty much the major event during the night, so yeah, a bit of a fail party, but not too bad.


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  2. ewwwww
    i take my words back :P
    wai3 wai3,,, slut min omhaaaaaa. :P
    la3at chabdi :P
    hahah peace (A)