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Sunday, 28 March 2010

Mean Cruising

Cruising is one of my favourite hobbies*. The music, The car, The image, Its the bomb. I dont like 'flashy cruising' as its sometimes called. Its the act of getting massive chrome rims, and other fake chromed parts for your car (window frames, grills, etc..). Thats not my style, i prefer 'mean cruising'. Basically, its when you have a car like this:
 The idea is, have everything looking mean. Black grille, black tints, black rims, black colour, black everything. If i saw a car like that pull up outside my house, I'd be afraid. VERY afraid. The next ingredient is the music. You can't cruise in a car like that, listenin to Ke$ha or something, you'd get shot. I've taken the liberty to make a list of my favourite Mean cruisin' tunes. Songs in bold are ones guaranteed to make people freak out when they see you (And as F.J.Bliss requested, alongside each song, ill post the youtube link).

Mean songs are songs which you cruise to, with a 'don't make me get out this car and shoot you' face, songs intended on scaring people.

Gangsta songs are songs where you just play your music, windows down, rap along, and just having a bomb ass time bouncin' to tha beat.

1. Red Nose - Tech N9ne [link]
2. Go Getta (Remix) - Young Jeezy Ft. R-Kelly, Jadakiss & Bun B [link]
3. War Tune - A-ZIZ/33/Y.T. [link]
4. Can't Be Touched - Roy Jones Jr. [link]
[WARNING: if you're pissed off, this song will only wanna make you get outta your car and murder someone, it's a provocative song. You've been warned]
5. Demons - Tech N9ne [link] (or this rather interesting demonstration by SMD )
6. Playa - Snoop Dogg [link]
7. Party Up In Here - DMX [link] (It's hilarious watching 10 guys in a Tahoe bouncing to this song:P)
8. Get Back - Ludacris [link]
9. Street Money - Rick Ross Ft. Flo Rida [link] (In my opinion, the ultimate non-scary cruising song)
10. Mafia Music - Rick Ross [link]
11. M.O.B. - Birdman Ft. Lil Wayne [link] (Slowest, but very effective)

NB: These songs will not sound any good on crappy car speakers, Bass/Subwoofers is an essential for the full Cruising experince. Advice on cars appropriate for crusing will come in tomorrow's post.

*Once i get a licsence


  1. LOOOOOOOOLLL at the asterisk * hahaha :P
    u just made me laugh :P u illegal person.. tssk tssk...
    give me a riidee =]
    but hey, that cars backseat looks pretty big.
    yeah. i was joking again. too many jokes. failed ones too. oh well.
    i loved this line: "If i saw a car like that pull up outside my house, I'd be afraid. VERY afraid" LOOL.. man seriousllyyy??
    i'll listen to those songs when i have time. next thing you know is i've forgotten about them. but i wont, pinky promise :P

  2. fo real. Blacked out escalade (like the pic) pulls up outside your house
    a) You're being hunted by the mafia
    b) You're being hunted by the CIA

    scary, non?

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. shizzzz, nigga i'm so dumb, i had to delete the other post coz i put my name in it.
    copy paste without the name:

    LOOL. ok u just made me laugh out loud, and my mum's lyk S, wt r u doingg? ¬.¬
    so i told her am reading this thing :) [which i was]
    yah anyway :P ur imagination is too crazy. stop watching CIA shit man...
    speakin of CIA. i'm with CIA. so be careful. haha ;p
    and if i see a car lyk that, with tinted windows and all.. i'd think.... -
    actually u know whaaa.. i'll leave my thoughts to myself :)
    and ya a bit scary. but not that much :P

  5. LOOL.
    but its fun :D