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Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Woot Woot

Oman's in exactly 10 hours :D Im pretty much done packing my rucksack, just missing a thing or 2, but its almost ready. This weekend's gonna be non-stop work.

Wake up at 4AM, get to the airport, travel for a few hours, RUN to Carrefour, Race up to the mountain, camp, chill for a bit, then wake up at 6 the following day (Friday) Start the 19KM trek (at 2000m elevation, altitiude sickness FTW!) Drop 1000m in elevation, then climb another 1k in elevation (YAY -.-) then crawl back to camp. Repeat, but with about 9K on Saturday. If i dont post for a week or so, then im either dead or sleeping and cannot be bothered to post

Peace out K-town


  1. eeeeeeek! ^.^ take me with youuuu (A) but u gotta carry me for 19km. rofl.
    ur excited about that, and here i am, panicking about tomorrow coz our A2 results come out. oh wait, i've been fearing the results since i started my exams. shit happenssss :P
    and daymm that sounds pretty exhausting haha :P but dont worry, it'll all be worth it in the end. and you'd be begging to go back once you come back to kuwait again :P

    oh and why u gonna run to carrefour?
    anyways :P yalla u take care and have fun :P
    i want essays about your adventures once you come back. NO EXCUSES! XD

  2. to run - can be used as a metaphor to emphasise the importance to get somewhere very promptly

    inshala, if i dont forget:P

  3. no shit, sherlock! i know u used it as a metaphor -.- wai3 :P
    peace :P

  4. You didn't come to Oman...
    Oh shite! I thought you were LUKA, the blonde dude in y.11, but turns out You're AMGAD Louka!
    What the duck... *facepalm*