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Sunday, 7 March 2010


I've given this alot of thought, and concluded that its not a bad Idea (For Kuwait). A month or so ago, Mark at 248AM posted about the Nightclub disguised as a tent. I thought that was a brilliant idea, but too bad it got busted.

But seriously, think of it logically. You're probably thinking 'oh whats clubbing without booze blah blah', well theres more to clubbing than booze. When you go to a club, and decide to get drunk as soon as you see the bar, you'll be drunk as hell, and wont remember a damn thing. Is that the point of a night out clubbing? No!

Clubbing is all about the glamour of the evening. It's about partying the night away, like theres no tomorrow. It's about dancing with whoever's infront of you (even if you dont know them). It's about living the night, with no consequences (most of the time). Why dont they have a club in kuwait then? i mean take away the booze (I dont mind it if they dont :P), whats wrong with having thumping sound system, lights, and a bar serving Non-Alchoholic drinks? Theres pretty much nothing they can argue, besides the idea of mixed dancing. But honestly, will you freaking grow up Kuwaiti officials? It's not like EVERYONE in this country is the 'perfect' religious citizen, and don't bother argueing, its a fact. Do they not know how much money they can make off clubbing? the land fees, and fees for the buildings, the fees for the sound, etc... It'd definatly help the economy in Kuwait. Theres also one (two, actually) massive advantage (the way i see it). My friends, that wanna party the night away, have curfews, etc... If their parents know theyre at a secure venue, then they wont have to be home by like 11 or something. The other being that my friends want to party, but the only 'proper' parties are the underground ones, which usually have weirdos and crackheads, which isnt such a good influence on the teens, and wont make the night so enjoyable.

Whatcha think?


  1. i had fun reading this. and LOLL @ the "which usually have weirdos and crackheads, which isnt such a good influence on the teens" part.
    "It's about living the night, with no consequences (most of the time)" two words: unwanted pregnancy. LOL. it's actually not funny. But it happens. Especially if they're drunk and don't know wtf they're doing.

    ok youngster, listen up. the reason why social events like this are banned in countries like Kuwait are endless :P Take for example drugs. These people in Kuwait... you don't know how desperate they are, they're ready to say yes to anything, to try anything new. And you know how when one dumfuk wears something, and it looks good, the next day everyone is wearing the exact same style of clothes or wtever. 'Cause they want to be considered as "cool". So if clubbin and shit was allowed, then the percentage of drug dealers and users in kuwait would shoot up sky high, and of course the officials of this country don't want the reputation of this country to go down.

    You see how guys treat girls in places lyk marina mall? Now girls are always the victim aren't they? so unwanted things can happen if clubbing was allowed in Kuwait. (like normal clubbing, i'm not talking about the parties high school ppl throw.) Any random guy can walk into a club and decide to rape a girl. Rape happens in marina mall, but they're metaphoric rape-age. Some girls like this, but after one point, it becomes pretty disturbing.

    Now you will come to me tomorrow, after reading this, saying that this is all useless, when in fact it isnt.
    Don't misunderstand me, i'm not against clubbing or anything.
    I'm jjust trying to say that the citizens of this country are just not ready for this... yet. Say alcohol was allowed. From what I know, a lot of my kuwaiti friends are nowhere near religious, they'd become alcoholic, drop out of school, and blah blah. They'd become a rebel. Kuwait doesn't want that :p
    And i think kuwait is pretty wealthy aaaand they want to maintain their reputation.

    anyways i'll write more stuff tomorrow :P

    PS: no i'm not a kuwaiti hater, nor am i religious. These are the facts based on my observations over the past 18 years :P

  2. Good good thinking, i thought of the security/rapist's issue, and thought that it wouldnt be fair (as if a care) not to let the weirdo's dressed as fags into the club, so yeah, big issue.

  3. and one more thing,


  4. :o I'm honoured for being told that all what i wrote was good thinking. you just made my day Louka ;)

    about the second comment... I shall refrain from replying to that with the words "you're a Louka, being a youngster comes with the territory" as this reply may have unwanted and inevitable consequences when you see me again in school.

    so therefore, my reply to that would be: I was merely joking :P
    No seriously, i was just kidding. so chill k? k. good :P
    haha peacee

  5. Haha love how you have a comedic approach to everything!"which usually have weirdos and crackheads, which isnt such a good influence on the teens" Ha ha you are a talented writer walla