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Friday, 2 April 2010

Simple Mind, Simple Pleasures

I thought about this for a while, and found it a good topic for today's post. I was sitting in church today, tired, sleepy, and hungry. I wasnt smiling at all. I see a man, sitting on floor, right infront of me. He was dark skinned, unshaved, white haired, wrinkled face. He seemed VERY poor. I must've stared at him for atleast 15 minutes (he probably thinks im weird now), and he finally looked at me, and smiled. He smiled all day long, it wasnt a massive teeth-showing smile, it was one of those hopeful smiles. I could tell he had nothing, His clothes looked scruffy, he look scruffy, but yet he put on a smile, and i can only imagine he was hoping for better days to come. I admired him today.

If he's lost everything, had no money, and no family, nothing, and yet managed to put a genuine smile on, only one explanation. Simple mind. Why are we depressed sometimes? because we set our expectations too high, and get bummed. Thats the only reason.

Moral of the story, is keep it simple. Set your hopes up high, and if all fails, and you get knocked down, get up and set your hopes higher, and trust me, you will get there, no matter what the issue is.


  1. omg
    i went to bed last night, and words from this post kept echoing in my mind. Pretty scary :P
    But it shows that it affected me, which is a good thing.
    I think humans are just greedy beasts. They want more of everything, never satisfied with anything. They're just too selfish, all the think about is themselves.
    I really don't know what to say, I'm pretty much speechless really.
    and that old man, umbey 7araaam <3 walla it touched my heart. I'm not usually like this. But this time I really sympathise with someone.. Maybe he smiled because people whose noses are stuck too high up in the air fail to notice his presence...and perhaps you were one of the few who noticed him. but I'm still wondering why he smiled, the real reason.. If I was in his situation, I know I wouldn't be able to smile, maybe a forced one... But it looks like this guy smiled from his heart.
    Ufff, the more I read this post, the worse I feel.
    I'm going to change. I can't stay like this forever. All I do is feel sorry for myself, it's just not fair to everyone else.
    You showed me another dimension, you know that right?
    tc =]

  2. This is amazing! There is so much truth to this, as we set our expectations we strive to follow them and in our efforts forget to focus on what we can accomplish.. Walla you are a brilliant writer!

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