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Thursday, 18 February 2010

I'm back

Remember when i explained how pissed i was because i couldnt run today? or even do anything?
Well as i mentioned before, shit happens. I went to sports day on the intention of sitting out on all the running events (which were the only ones which mattered for me). Lets just say i decided to go all arab on it, went for a 300m warmup with the AA and YN, hurt like a bitch, but i still went for it.

Then the strangest thought hits me: What if i run EVERY single race today, would i wreck my ankle?

I decided to prove my mum, friends, and most importantly to myself, that a small twisted ankle wouldnt hold back 6 months of training. First running event was 800m. I grabbed a coloured bib, and raced to the start line.

Click/shot/starting thing and we're off. iPod playing, im completely isolated from the other runners. We break apart after a bit, and i try staying near the front, but fail miserably. I came 4th in our year - MAJOR improvement over last year's 7th, ESPECIALLY with a twisted ankle. I was dead by the 700m mark, but i kept going.

Soldiered on for the 200m (when my feet were absolutly SMASHED) and the 100m Sprint, AND the 400m (not to mention all the other non-running events)

Im proud of myself (in the non cocky way) of getting this far, and in the words of Nate dogg: "I'ma rip this shit, 'till my bone's collapse"

1 comment:

  1. shizzzzzz :O
    thats why it was shit! :O :O
    ya thanks for all the details on msn -.-
    i didnt think u'd put anythin here, bt decided to check anyway.
    and woah, dude i hope ur ankle is ok now[haha, after crushing it that iz!!..] and am proud of u for doing all that, lol i wldnt even dare showing up on sports day if my ankle was sprained. (A) but that's coz amma womaannn. [well a part of me at least. shiit happenssss.]
    but yah, 4th place is good!! and am SURE that if ur ankle was ok, then u wlda got 1st place :)
    yalla beaze ;P