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Tuesday, 2 February 2010

Lovedrunk - not good

Don't you hate it when one of your bestfriends is madly inlove with a guy that (obviously) love her back, and ignores her, and you try warning her and she doesnt listen and ends up being hurt?

Well i do.

I come home yesterday noon, she (who shall remain anonymouse) tells me that he's been ignoring her (well, ignore isnt the word - uninterested is) all day, and i saw this with my own 2 eyes, from far away, when he walked over to her, he freaking shook her hand. Seriously?

So we're talking about it, and i advise her to just end it, i didnt want to see her hurt, but she re-enforces the fact that she loves him , and that 'he's different outside school'. I respected her decision, and told her to do as she please (in a friendly way). 3 hours later, she sends me an online message that he broke up with her. i HATE to say i told you so, but i told her to do it first because i didnt want to see her hurt, but yeah, shit happens. she goes offline for the rest of the night, so i try texting, and no reply. Today morning, i see her at school, still in the same state she was last night. She almost crys during class, but she holds it together, im proud of her for that. Later on in the day, she starts to lighten up, and im happy that shes smiling and laughing now, but i know once she gets home its all gonna collapse again (i've been there - not pretty). But she surprisingly held it together very well, and im really proud of her, and i hope she gets over it ASAP, which i know isnt gonna be easy.

Any suggestions to help her get over it?

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