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Sunday, 21 February 2010

She never learns, does she?

He we go again. Remember the girl who was hearbroken buy that fag? well yeah, i knew it wouldnt work out, but i decided to be nice. I hated the guy with all my guts, but i tried my best to be nice to him, when they were together.

A few days ago, i realize that shes really close to another guy - a guy i hate EVEN more. I've known this guy longer than the other one, and I've hated him for longer. Hes got no respect for anyone, and brags like hell, and thinks he can have any girl. The only thing he can have is deez nuts. He's more than welcome to have them. Anyway, back to this. He hated my brother (because of the amount of shit he gave him - respect to Big J), and i was next on the line (and im so proud of myself). Whenever i see him, i make fun of him (so do all my other friends). I see on her Facebook, that she'd listed him as a brother. Ofcourse, me having enough of this shit, flipped on her. I spent an hour and bit, showing how much of an asshole he is, but she doesnt seem convinced, I give up, and just go out to chill somewhere. I warned her - If this happens (which better not), Im not gonna be the nice guy i was last time - EVERY SINGLE TIME i see him, even if hes with you, im gonna make fun of him, and i wont give a shit if you tell me its wrong. I call her up in Rome yesterday, and she tells me that he told her that he likes her blah blah all that shit. I'm 10000000% sure it was COMPLETE AND UTTER BULLSHIT, and that he was probably at some gay ass sleepover when he told her. She told me she wouldnt say yes, and i hope she sticks to that decision..


  1. i love the labels, crackheaaaa. <3

  2. and btw, this friend of yours; she needs a brain transplant if she doesn't stick to her word.