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Wednesday, 17 February 2010

It's not fair

I dont know what im feeling now. Am i pissed off? Am i depressed? I dont fucking know. The one day i've been waiting for, and it's finally here, i twist my ankle 2 nights before. Fair? I think not.

I'm trying not too flip out, theres still SOME hope of getting better by tomorrow morning (i pray to god i do get better). But like, today, i was talking to some of the 'sporty' guys (the guys that think they're so fit, and that are in the school team for every bloody thing), and like they were showing off, saying how they'd own me at the 100m and 200m, And i almost totally agreed, Im double their size and weight, its not easy getting all 6'2" and 235 Pounds of me off the line, as quickly as they can. But i know this, and i've trained for longer distances. Spent 6 months training, almost 5 times a week, and finally made a 1.2K run. I was ready for both the 800m and 400m - those 'sporty' guys werent going for it, because they would be too 'tired' after it (i laughed when he said that). I didnt care if i won it, i just wanted to run it. And now my hopes of running it have gone down by about 90%.

I know i havent posted for a while, i've been too lazy, but oh well, im back now, week's holiday next week!

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