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Friday, 5 February 2010

When the shit hits the fan -

for my best friend, things couldnt get worse. Families fine, School grades are fine, everything's fine, except for one thing. The Guy.

Earlier, i posted on how her world came crashing down when he ended it. She was fine, smiling and all, untill the big one hit her. I knew it wouldnt be easy (i've been there before). It took her while to get back on her feet, and she was fine. yesterday, while in marina, we walk by 'him', and he's talking to 2 girls - she's trying to avoid him, and so is he - i try to keep her from seeing him, but she sees him. she doesnt really react to it, we just move along. we laughed the night away, as if nothing had happened. Untill i get home, and go online, and start talking to her. She really misses him, and still doesnt get why he ended it. she loved him (she really did), and he didnt pay any attention to her. I knew it wouldnt end up being a 'happy ever after' story, but i didnt point it out too much, i just wanted her to be happy. She says goodnight, and goes to sleep, a few minutes later, so do i.

The next day (today morning) Shes breaking down, she was crying, it was all collapsing. i tried my best to cheer her up, and talk to her about it, spent almost an hour on it, and hoped my efforts worked out. She said her friend cheered her up, and that she was going to do some work, so we say goodbye, and she goes offline, im glad shes cheered up.

I had never seen her in the state she was in today morning, it really does show how much she loved him - while he didnt bother liking her back.

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