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Saturday, 10 April 2010


Things aren't really looking up for the triathlon.. Jogging i'll be fine, Cycling, i dont have a bike + my dad says its not worth it. And he's talking about the pollution in the sea, and buying a bike etc... It sucks. Fingers crossed though, im STILL gonna train like crazy, even if i dont run the triathlon.

Im keeping my hopes high

Another thing, you know when you see something and say: 'yeah im sooo doing that' and then you go to sleep, wake up and realize its not such a good idea? I've had that happen 2 days ago, but it's gonna take alot more than that to stop me. The things full of professional triathletes, some have climbed mountains, competed in tons of marathons and triathlons, and have professional gear. That does put me off a bit, but i don't care, because i dont want first place, i just want to finish it. Like i said for sports day:

'I didnt care if i won it, i just wanted to run it'


  1. Go for it. It doesn't matter if you do it or not, the important thing is that you're showing an attempt.
    Sometimes in life, things just don't turn out how we want them to and nobody said that life was fair.

  2. I think you should do it. For yourself and to prove everyone else wrong. GO FOR IT!

  3. i really really wanna go for it (you have no idea), besides the 'not having a bike' thing, im good to go (my dad can't stand between me and sports)