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Friday, 9 April 2010

Taking the moment II

It's all set. I emailed them, understood the registration steps, and other misc. stuff. All i need now is 5 crucial things

1) Register + Buy a bike and practice on it
2) Train like shit
3) Train like hell
4) Train like crazy
5) Train like a *****

 oh, and wait for my parents to agree -.- my dad's against the swim part because of the pollution problem here, and against the bike part because they think if i buy a bike, i'll never use it (as i said in my last post)

Fingers crossed (yn)


  1. eeeeeeeek ^.^ am so excited for uu omggg [i dno why i am but yeah :P]
    am sure your parents will eventually agree, lol. and about the bike, are u going to get like a proper professional one, or just some random bike like the ones they use in ba8alas? lol.
    train well XD
    and gd luk in everything! :)

  2. Thanks, i hate those ba8ala ones:P I thinking of a GoSport one, i saw it there in the summer, mountain bike, its 100KDish.

    The bikes the guys ride in professional triathlons are about 2000KD:P

  3. Damn you have alot to do, you think you will be ready in time. Random question but shou yan3i ismuk? Louka?

  4. I know, ive got a loooong way to go, i doubt it though :/

    Its my last name:P Theres a chapter in the bible called Luke, in the arabic bibles, its Louka. Thats all it is:P