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Friday, 9 April 2010

Taking the moment

There are sometimes in life, where you see something, and instantly want to do it, regardless of difficulty, reason, or preparation, you just get that hunch that you've gotta do it. You know its hard. You just get the feeling that it's right. You know?

I was randomly browsing the internet, and Mark on 248AM posted about the First Official Triathlon [link to official website] in Kuwait. I've been training since september for sports day, which passed, and i haven't stopped training. Lord knows how much i want to compete in this, but there are soo many things holding me back:

1) Age, they may have restrictions
2) Parents: A Triathlon to an arab parent's eyes is an excuse to waste a good day's worth of study time
3) I dont have a bike, and i doubt my parents would accept me getting one just for the sake of this triathlon (even though i wanted one in the summer). Their excuse? : 'you'll use it for a bit, then get bored of it'. FOR GODS SAKE IM NOT 5!
4) I'm not fully prepared for it. I havent cycled for ages, I havent swam in a rough sea before (waves tire you), I've never cycled 10K. I've never run 2.5K (1.3K's my record).

Thats a tall order for me, changing my diet and routine for these few hours. I know it wont be easy. I know i'll be aching after each workout/practice session the next 3 weeks. I know it'll affect my studies (not massively, but yeah). I know i might not make it. You know what?

I'll do it.


  1. damn
    when i was reading this, i thought you were backing out -.- I think you should go for it too, just for the sake of it you know? XD It would be a great experience for you :)
    and you should totally call them and ask if they have an age restriction. You don't wanna train and end up there looking like an idiot when they say you're too young. lol.

    "2) Parents: A Triathlon to an arab parent's eyes is an excuse to waste a good day's worth of study time"
    HAHAHA. don't you think parents are weird sometimes? omg. and your's sound exaaaactly like mine -.- so i feel ya, bro.

    "'you'll use it for a bit, then get bored of it'." again, typical of them. don't you know any of your friends or neighbours who own a bike? you can ask them if you could borrow it for a while.

    About changing your diet... i hope that you agree that that means no more KFC :D
    training for it is going to be VERY time consuming.. and considering you have school and all.. you should make time for it, and don't let it affect ur studies, it's nowhere near a good excuse :P

    But I tell ya, it's gonna be worth it in the end if you do it :)
    good luck :)

  2. thanks yo

    1) i emailed, so fingers crossed
    2) I havent had KFC for ages, so zip it please :D
    3) Very time consuming, true. Affect WAHT studies? you know i never study, but yeah, the effect MIGHT show an effect on my studies, but thats a MIGHT
    4) Its more than a good excuse, theres no better excuse.

  3. 2. it's coz u were inside the pyramids.
    3. i don't think it'd affect ur studies, am jst tryna be neutral ya3ni :P it might.. it might not XD
    4. lol well said i guess!

  4. Haha list all the bad points and decide to do it lol

  5. S:
    2. No more pyramid jokes:P
    3. Neutral's fine:p

    Douja: yeah, thats how i usually do it:P