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Friday, 20 August 2010

MiG U1

No, it's not a fighter plane, similar though. The real clash of the (automotive) Titans. When the Germans meet the Italians. Italian cars are known to be beautiful, and elegant, and occasionally very fast. German cars are known to be precise, not so flashy, technical, serious. The result? A car that knows no limits. A car that cannot be driven by anyone. A car so dangerous only 1 has been made.

The MiG U1.

First off, the name. Reminiscence of the classic Soviet fighter planes. You're thinking some propeller 1 seater, with all the controls in Russian. I'm afraid you're very mistaken. 

MiG pilots were among the most feared people on this planet during the war. The technical superiority, Speed, everything about their aircrafts was terrifying. Only the most frightening of vehicles could be worthy of succeeding such a menacing aircraft. This Enzo-based, Aircraft-styled wonder from Gemballa is more than worthy.
With all the usual Gemballa-ness all over the car. 
Widebody kit (essential), GTR racing wheels (which according to it's website save 16KG all-round. Geeky...) The massive spoiler providing 85KG of downforce (Epic-looking spoiler may I add).
That front end is visual interpretation of an orgasm. An orgasm that provides 35KG of downforce. It's just an awe-inspiring sight to look at. It's one of the few things that had me in shock upon seeing them. If one of these drove by (highly unlikely, they're only making 25, doubt any of them will be randomly cruise by my house..), I wouldn't know whether to run, or take a picture.. either way, wow..
The rear diffuser looks damn big, not to mention those big-ass Jet-thusters they're calling exhaust ports. Bigger wow. The side looks even scarier. That air outlet behind the front wheel, the intake right under the door. How exactly is this rocket-car street legal?
When you want to scare away nosy bystanders when you have this Street legal rocket parked, don't hesitate to expose the thing in the back. It's too goddamn big to be called a normal V12.
This is what happens when you lend those crazy German engineers your Enzo. Those Genius crazy Germans. The original Enzo was scary enough. You handed them a scary enough German Shepherd, they returned an even scarier fire breathing dragon. 700HP Fire breathing dragon, thanks to some ECU wizardry and some exhaust upgrades (Guaranteed to make your drive to the store much louder and more exciting. Much more exciting). Curious pedestrians will see this nuclear plant in the back of your U1 and keep away.
How German tuners prove that they have a sense of humor. A baggage compartment on a MiG U1? What use could an owner of a U1 make of a baggage compartment that big? Shopping? seriously? Would someone with a car like this even go shopping?
Black Leather and quilted Red Alcantra i can understand. Seven-inch touchscreen infotainment system with an iPod jack however, i cannot. What kind of man buys a car like this, to listen to music through a 950 Watt stereo system? I admit it's probably pretty loud, but who the hell needs a stereo knowing they've got such a monstrous engine?
Probably the only luxury in the entire car, leather racing seats. There is 1 problem however. They look too flat, nowhere near enough to hold you in place while cornering at 250KM/H. I doubt that 4 point harness is any better either. This car needs F-18 seats, enough to hold 9G's of cornering. But hey, it'll have to do.

Talking of lacks, they're only making 25, and each one probably costs 3 legs & an arm, not enough in my opinion. but IF you do see one of these street legal demons, I can guarantee you, this is the only sight you'll see before it disappears into hyperspace. 
I wonder how much scarier it would look in black?
Thats one car you wouldn't want to race at the traffic lights. If you care for your life.


  1. The chances of it killing you first, are greater :P