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Wednesday, 4 August 2010

Bose® around-ear headphones Review

I've spent the last 3 months on researching (yes i'm that lifeless..) the ultimate (budget) headphones. I was on the hunt for the best, and I had narrowed it down to 3 pairs.

1) Bose® around-ear headphones (KD 39)
2) Beats by Dr. Dre Studio headphones (KD 99)
3) Skullcandy T.I. Black/Green (KD 23)

The Skullcandy

I haven't personally tried these, but I've tried the on ear ones, and they were pretty cool. At first, I was convinced this was the pair for me, it looked good, sounded good (i assumed?) and wasn't too expensive. Why I didn't buy them? They seemed a bit too plasticy, and i didn't think they had the best build quality, so they weren't so high on my list any longer.

The Beats By Dr.Dre

These though, I HAVE tried, and to be honest, now that I've bought the Bose, i regret not spending (or begging to spend) more money on the Beats. They sounded amazing, felt really solid, and were definatly the best looking ones. Professional, glossy, just pure awesome. Their only letdown? the price. A tiny bit overpriced, but as far as value is concerned? better value for money than the Bose (i guess?) But since I've bought the Bose ones, the Beats are next on my headphones list!
Thats them with my favourite toy, Numark NS7

The Bose

I've had them for just over 24 hours, and my first impression is, overpriced. I was majorly excited to go buy them, but they didn't turn out to be as good as i expected. Oh well. They sound alright, just slightly lacking in the bass department, and not as crisp as expected. 39KD, money better spent on the Beats. My full on review will be in a month or so, when they've broken in.

First obvious thing, is the comfortable fit. It fits right around your ears, but even then, it doesn't isolate sound as well as other headphones. I'm not being super-critical, but the 2.150KD  A4Tech in ear headphones do a better job isolating outside noise, and have better and clearer bass for gods sake, 20 times the price for a fancy box? 
No actually, you get a bit more for that. The only brilliant feature on the Bose headphones, is something I've only seen once before. As you crank up the volume, it gets louder and louder. Your natural reaction is to listen carefully to find its volume limit (so you don't overwork the unit). You get to about 75%, but you can't hear the classic distortion. Strange? very. I turn it up to 11, and put them on. All I hear is a concert/orgasm in my ear. The only thing lacking? Deep lovely bass. I miss it. BUT Since these are 'TriPort' headphones, and they have three ports (duh..), there's one last option: 

The middle picture, is the lower port. This is the only one that doesn't feed directly the speaker assembly. If you block the other two, your bass completely disappears, symptoms of a speaker operating without air. But what about this third port? it's practically the only port that allows sound/air to escape from the cup. Block it with your fingers? Tremendous bass. Glorious Bass. This is the only work-around i've found, and it's so effective i'm actually thinking of taping that port, but i'll wait for it to break in, before making my move. 

The leather ear cup cushions are pretty damn comfortable. Feeling them with your fingers, they feel incredibly soft, and they rest comfortably around your ears. I'm still to have the duration test, see how long I can wear them before they get uncomfortable. 6 hour Frankfurt flight tomorrow sounds like a good duration test, don't you think?

Pretty lightweight headphones, the cups swivel about 10° in either direction, limited, but enough to fit comfortably on anyones head, and they swivel on the Y connector nicely, for a perfect fit. I've actually changed my opinion while writing this review, and they didn't turn out to be too bad. I say a 3.5/5 for now?

I'm leaving for Switzerland tomorrow evening, so I may blog if I have internet access there, and I may not, either way, I'll see you in 12 days!

Goodnight and peace out K-Town

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