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Sunday, 8 August 2010

Good morning Switzerland

I've been in Switzerland for 4 days now, and i love it.

First stop was Geneve, it was amazing! the airs cold and clean, lake's beautiful, everything's just amazing. Then i took a 2 hour bus to Mont Blanc, and that was the highlight of the holiday so far:
The most gorgeous mountain range/view I have ever seen. I would've stayed much much longer, but it was -7 Celsius, and I was wearing shorts and a t-shirt.. 

I'm in Lucerne now, and I love it. For some odd reason, with no explanation, I prefer it over Geneve, it's cleaner, less crowded, more awesome, pretty cool overall. I just had to post that picture, so managed to get some time to blog. Bose headphones have actually been rather amazing 'till now, i'll post everything properly once i'm back in Kuwait.

Goodnight (sort-of, it's 8:30PM and the suns still up..) and peace out Kuwait!

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