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Friday, 12 November 2010

Now Or Never

"Seasons come and go
Nothing lasts forever
We're all on borrowed time
And love's not set in stone
But life is now or never"

Life is filled with crossroads; times where we have to stop, and take a moment to think. Those decisions often require a leap of faith. We've all been in situations, where we knew what we wanted to do, but weren't too sure of the outcome. 

Most of the time, we're inhibited by the fear of negative consequences. The problem is every time we have an opportunity to do anything, we always hold back. We think that'll we'll solve it later, but before you know it, it's gone. Thats the point behind todays post: Now or never. If you don't take action when you have the chance to, then you've lost it for good. 

And bear in mind: The regret of knowing you lost an opportunity, is far worse than the possible consequences. So next time you have a chance to do something, and you've decided what you want to do, don't hold back, don't hesitate, just do it, and remember, "whatever happens, happens for a reason"


  1. So true. So very true, it reminded me of that competition I want to enter, I need to do so much research for it and I keep putting it off for later, but if the consequences of my efforts could go so far, in a good way. I think am going to start working on it today, no, I know so!

    As always, mesmerizing post Louka!

  2. All i can tell you is, Carpe Diem.

    many thanks batty!