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Saturday, 8 May 2010

Summer Plan

Me and a few of the guys, have decided that we should all go Jogging at 8AM, at the Scientific Centre. I laughed when FA said 'Man, this is gonna take dedication, you up for it?'. The reason behind my laugh, is because I've been dedicated since September, thats what got me so far, Dedication and Motivation. I'm up for it, I'm just missing a few things to make it an awesome summer training program:

1) I need new kicks! My old Reebok's are slowly dying away. This picture is the closest i can get to the shoe of my dreams (Sounds weird, i know:P). I want something Black on black, with streaks of orange/yellow on it. Sleek, yet sexy.

2) Running outfits, I want tight shorts (they reduce friction and other stuff *cough* and help ALOT)

3) SUNGLASSES. Oakley's to be specific, they simply look awesome:

I think that I've covered all my needs, and doubt any of them will be ready by the summer (besides the shoes, and POSSIBLY the glasses. This summer might just turn out to be pretty awesome!


  1. LOOOOOLL cool summer plan :P but seriously, in this heat? okay maybe won't be so hot in the mornings.. but still..
    the shoes... -.- sexy? i would use anything but that word for a shoe. female shoes, stilettos and all are sexy.. but i wouldn't say that for sports shoes.. hahaha

    but i like the sunglasses.

  2. they're sexy. end of story:D