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Monday, 24 May 2010


'I didnt choose this life, this life chose me' - Benzino

Sometimes, the smallest of things can be on your mind for such a long time, it's ridiculous. My dad was really pissed off at me, because i wasn't wise with money blah blah. I completely understand, and i was a bit upset. My mum tells me 'oh you don't seem so affected blah blah, don't you care?' I told her i do, and i always do care, i just don't show it a lot. The fact that she's almost rubbing it in, makes it worse. But hey guess what? I never give too much of a crap. Thats the reason I'm always so cheery. Its not because i'm a rebel child, or a dropout or something. I just never let anything get to me, because It's such a shame to be in a bad mood all the time, missing out on time to do something useful, such as help others, go jogging, etc... (the stuff i do basically). Long story short, I don;t like to give too much attention to useless stuff (school gossip, etc...) because it'll only trip me up, and not benefit me in anyway, so just try being happy. When you're feeling down, just look at the bright side of life, you're living life, even if your in a living hell, try to smile, you'll feel better.

(I know its an emotionless post, but i think i might've lost my writing skills...)


  1. Its actually a very emotion-filled post. I like your motto, to always be cheerful and look at the bright side. Seeing life that way gets you on track no matter how strayed you are, its by having a positive attitude that we achieve whatever we aspire for. Life's like a pizza, the gossip, back-stabbing, laziness makes up the crust and all the positive attitude, perseverance and dreams make up the core, that's why I never really thought stuffed crusts were such a good idea, wouldnt eat'em either way ;-)

  2. hahahahahaha, good idea..:P, i like your thinking. But yeah, there isn't really any point in indulging in all the gossip and social problems, you'll get more bad than good, so just stay out of it, or at a moderate level!