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Sunday, 30 May 2010

I Can't Blame you

It's a really weird situation to be in. It's when you're absolutely determined to achieve something, or stop a bad habit perhaps, and you show all that determination for a few days or so, and then you go and ruin all of that determination you had, and it's back to the vicious circle. In a while, you'll want to re-do all of that. You'll be determined, etc... and two days later your back to it. Unless you put in effort, and genuine determination, you wont get anywhere. I understand if you quit, because its difficult to stop to it, example smoking. I wont judge you for not being determined enough to face it, I cant. But what one can do is help. Help them reach their target. Sometimes they can do it without help, but sometimes they require help. Thats all sorted

Setting a target then telling someone you're going to achieve it, and then you quit, can sometimes be unacceptable. If you werent gonna achieve that target, theres no point setting it in the first place. Either way, I can't judge you.

So think. If you want to achieve something, and your honestly wanting to stop, then go for it, you've got my support. But if you can't stop, then why bother setting the target in the first place?

Today: Gotten - Slash Ft.Adam Levine (My new favourite song) 


  1. some people are just too weak aren't they?
    let them be.
    they're going to get in trouble in the end... if they continue that is. Maybe they're just waiting for something bad to happen and then they'll stop.
    As if that's not stupid.. but yeah, people are weird.
    Setting targets and trying to achieve them is easier said than done. It's not impossible... but it needs time and determination, as u clearly stated.
    i love the song by the way.

  2. haha i love the ending

    'i love the song by the way.

  3. i was jst gna comment saying "i love the song" and skip everything else (A) -mirror.