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Tuesday, 1 February 2011


Humans are sometimes lazy. We sometimes lack motivation for the most mundane things.

But when it comes to bigger changes, life-changing decisions. Who needs to take the first step? who needs to push themselves into their new (and hopefully improved) lifestyle?

You do

I've tried many times, and i'll be honest, it almost always fails. But we have to remember the time's that worked. I've tried it with everything, diets, stopping a bad habit, adopting a new one, everything. It rarely works, which lead me to think, why? It's because we dont push ourselves hard enough. Once we reach what we think is our maximum effort at that given time, we usually justify our quitting with many reasons, my main one is 'it's not that big a change, I dont really need it'

But when you think about it, if you really thought you need a change, you can't just quit. I've struggled before, i've failed before, but i've made it before too.

Moral of todays post, if you're trying to make a change (for the better), don't give up at the first obstacle, and never give up unless you've given it 110% of your effort. It always helps having someone there with you, you don't realize the importance or moral support until you really need it. Having someone there for you will always encourage you, you won't want to give up, you'll keep working towards your goal.

As unrealistic as your target may be, never say never, and remember,  when theres a will, there's a way - velle est posse

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