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Tuesday, 25 January 2011


When you spend time in an airport, you'll realise that life never stops moving. New people arriving, others departing, it's a never-ending loop. If i've learnt anything from spending hours in airports;

Life goes on. People come and go, nothing seems to be capable of stopping it. Put this into application, you'll see that nothing can hold you back. Moments when you feel like quitting. Moments where you stop making an effort to live, and just let everything collapse.

The only reason you don't just take your life, is because subconsciously, part of you still believes in hope. part of you believes that it can get better. part of you believes life goes on.

Theres always hope, no matter how bad it may be (and i do mean that).


  1. Hope that you've arrived safely in the land of the maple tree! The airport is my favourite place to be, I would spend my entire life there and not get bored, never get uninspired, I do my neuro essays in the airport, because that's the only place I feel safe, it's there that I feel alive and capable, I feel the diversity, the passion to be something, there.
    I don't know why, but something about the terminal life touches my heart, in airports there is a bustle of thoughts, it's contagious, a bustle of expectations, those at the arrivals are expecting to see someone and those departing are expecting something at the other end of their journey.
    There is always something there.
    Something alive, something active.

    I love this post, it's my absolute favourite!

    I hope that your loved ones back home are safe and sound, you should be proud of this immaculate, deeply rooted willingness your people have for change, to make things happen, I hope that the injustice falls soon enough before more people get hurt.

  2. a mesmerizing comment as always! I agree, airports are among my favourite places to be.

    Thanks for your wishes, they're doing alright, i just hope this revolution actually brings along change with it, not just pointless damage and loss of life