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Sunday, 31 January 2010

Lovely day, such a lovely day...

Seemed like a crap day to begin with, but oh well, c'est la vie. Woke up late for school, and had to rush everything so i'd get there on time. Got there, had to do something important then inform someone about it (which i completely forgot to do). He spends all day trying to find me, i dont answer my phone (because im in school - ha) and i cant feel it vibrate, so i had no idea he was THAT worried untill i looked at my phone at 2:40PM to find 5 missed calls and 2 messages. Nevertheless, the day goes well, im happy, walking around smiling at everyone, jolly good. Untill Chemistry results came out. Lets just say, Ooops. but STILL no worries, continued the day smiling. Thats all good, untill English. I like our teacher (who will remain anonymous), shes really nice, but sometimes, she just decides to pick on me (quite badly). I had my laptop open (so did a few others) and i was (for once) about to look up a word i didnt know, when she looks at me, shouts, and tells me and the others to 'get off MSN and turn off our laptops'. This pretty much pissed me off because for once i was actually about to work, but oh well, blah.

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